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(The "T" stands for tripod, Cruise explained.)

Gucci Belt Ladies

ahead of us are the ones we place on ourselves," he said.

Gucci Belt Ladies

Cruise's friend Wendi Miller also follows along in a car and assists in finding donated hotel rooms for the night or rooms at the homes of friendly strangers. On Sundays, Cruise is often invited to speak at churches along the route.

She is accompanied on her walk by a three legged Pomeranian named Walker T, who was given to her by the members of a small church in Ohio who heard her story. Ferragamo Belt Images

´╗┐Amputee walks the perimeter of the USA

Gucci Belt Ladies

Gucci Belt Ladies

"The night before my leg was amputated, I told God I wanted to be a better person, not a bitter person," Cruise said.

March of 1999 and served as a pastor at New Hope Temple in Canton, Ohio.

Gucci Belt Ladies

Cruise, Miller and Walker T are in San Leandro taking a holiday break while visiting Cheri Blumfield, a retired pastor for the New Faith Full Gospel Fellowship. They plan to hit the road again in Oregon in late January and expect to reach the Bay Area by June.

Gucci Belt Ladies

Gucci Belt Ladies

Cruise, 54, fell and broke her leg in 1989 while hanging siding at her home in Ohio. Her leg did not heal properly, and two years and 15 surgeries later, her doctor told her that it needed to be amputated. Her doctor also told her that she would only be able Gucci Belt Ladies to walk with crutches or a walker.

Following the amputation, Cruise, a divorced mother of one daughter who worked as a chemical dependency counselor in Akron, renewed her relationship with God and began attending Bible school. She was ordained in Louis Vuitton Belt Mens Uk

Gucci Belt Ladies

Cruise said she contemplated quitting the second year when pain from a new artificial leg slowed her down. However, she is determined to complete her trek on New Year's Eve 2010 where it began in South Beach.

Gucci Belt Ladies

San Leandro resident Gary Domingo, 40, said he enjoyed listening to Cruise's story, and that it inspired him to "focus on my God given abilities, not my inabilities."

Cruise recounted her story Sunday during a service of the New Faith Full Gospel Fellowship held at the San Leandro Community Church on Bancroft Avenue.

"I began to wake up in the middle of the night with an impression on my heart to walk around the country and pray," she said.

As of last week, Cruise has walked 6,295 miles. She plants a wooden cross each mile of the way, the last of which was at mile marker eight on Route 30 in Portland, Ore.

New Faith Full Gospel Fellowship Pastor Steven Salinas leads a small congregation of about a dozen people in the non denominational church. He said that Cruise is the personification of the message he tries to impart each Sunday. "The only boundaries that we find Hermes Belt Price

Cruise began her journey on New Year's Day in 2002 in South Beach Miami, Fla. She started her walk wearing a cosmetic artificial leg that was not designed for distance walking. She walked 1,452 miles that year, averaging 10 miles a day. Her prosthetic leg was wobbly and held together with duct tape when she stopped for the year in New Jersey.

The amputation inspired her to embark on an eight year mission to walk 12,000 miles around the perimeter of the United States with the hope that she will inspire others to find God and overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Carol Cruise lost a leg but found a purpose.

Gucci Belt Ladies

Gucci Belt Ladies

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