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Now Angelo, of Pudsey, is helping others with the condition by holding a fundraising gala for Myeloma UK, a charity funding research into treatments aimed at halting the cancer's progress,

Amateur actor Angelo will be providing the entertainment at the gala, accompanied by his wife, Helen, sister Anna and friend Paul Durkin. "We're doing a Rat Pack themed show with a live band," said"I wanted to join in with the singing at last year's gala but I wasn't well enough. This year I'm determined to be up there. I'm not letting the others steal all the limelight!" Angelo has

controlling symptoms and improving quality of life.

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"We raised 20,000 last year. If this weekend's event raises half that I'll be over the moon. We've sold 300 tickets already."

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Anna not only Hermes Belt Grey

Angelo spoke to me from hospital where he has been having treatment. "I'm in Rotherham General Hospital. I've had a Hickman line and photopheresis, which Rotherham specialises in," he said.

"It's basically thinning the blood and adding medicine," said "I'd been in hospital ten days when I picked up an infection so they kept me in, but I should be out in a few days. Just try

such TV dramas as London's Burning, Ultimate Force and The Chase.

And at this year's event the guests will include Wibsey actress Sarah Jane Potts, who started her career on TV drama Children's Ward and is now based in Los Angeles.


"She ran despite suffering back pain and fatigue, and she did it in five hours which is amazing," said "If she'd said, 'I can't run, I'm going to have to walk' I'd still have been proud,

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"Sarah Jane is a good friend of mine, we go back a long way," said

next year's gala!"

´╗┐Angelo set for show of his life From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

restaurants asking for raffle prizes and people have helped out, despite not knowing me from Adam!"

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organised the gala through Angelo's Angels, an initiative he set up while recovering from his transplants.

A Hickman line, a soft plastic tube, is inserted under anaesthetic into incisions in a large vein and in the chest. A 'tunnel' is created between the incisions and a catheter passed through.

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has supported me as an angel," added "They've lifted my spirits more than you could imagine. Nothing prepares you for a life changing illness.

When Angelo Clarke steps into the spotlight this weekend, just days after gruelling hospital treatment, he'll be surrounded by the people he calls angels.

"Before that, she and some members of Bradford Catholic Players climbed the Three Peaks, raising about 5,000 for Myeloma UK. They got T shirts made saying 'Angelo's Army.' "I think of anyone Ferragamo Belts Blue

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and stop me taking to the stage on Saturday night!"

underwent the gruelling process of donating bone marrow for her brother, she also ran the London Marathon just a week after her operation, raising 8,000 for Myeloma UK.

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Three years ago, Angelo's life changed when he was diagnosed with myeloma, a bone marrow cancer. He had two transplants after his sister, Anna Yeadon, was found to be a stem cell match.

Sarah Jane is the sister of Andrew Lee Potts, one of the stars of ITV's Primeval.

Photopheresis involves taking the patient's blood and 'spinning' it, separating white blood cells from the plasma and red cells, containing haemoglobin.

"It has given me something to focus on," he said. "I've had so much support, my family and friends have been fantastic. I'm amazed at how generous and selfless people are; I've been into shops and

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Angelo's fundraising has been supported by some high profile friends. Last year's charity gala was attended by Bradford actress Heather Peace, a Boss Belts former St Joseph's College pupil who has starred in

"Everyone I know has been amazing. I wanted to do something that they could enjoy and raise funds for Myeloma UK at the same time. I'm already thinking of a theme for Ferragamo Belt Original

but every night after coming out of hospital she went running, despite being anaemic from the

Angelo's gala will be held at Bradford's Hilton Hotel on Saturday. "I held my first big fundraiser a year ago and it was such a success people asked me to do another," said

Once a drug has been added, the white cells are exposed to an ultraviolet light. When the treatment is completed the treated white cells are re infused back to the patient.

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