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Also honored were the New Hampshire Scholars, who received medals in acknowledgement by the state of New Hampshire for their academic rigor and devotion. On May 22, these select students traveled to the Statehouse in Concord for recognition with scholars from high schools across the state.

Women Gucci Belt

Women Gucci Belt

Li hoped that her speech would match the tone of the evening and emphasize the "diversity of talent."

with generous scholarships. Proficiency awards in various subject areas were given Hermes Belt 24mm

Invitations were sent by mail to mostly seniors, although some juniors and a sophomore were invited, as well.

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Senior Jed Langlois, an invitee, said she views the night as "an opportunity to honor students who might not otherwise be recognized in the community" thus, not just the leaders of sports teams or presidents of clubs will be acknowledged, but other students, as well.

Among the awards were the Elmira College Key, the Sage Student Scholar, the RPI Medal and the Harvard Book Award. Not forgotten were vocational students, as they were also honored for their work.

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As the senior class essayist, Susan Li, who's ranked third in her class, delivered the opening speech.

Juniors Brittany Lambert and Jen Coates were the evening's masters of ceremonies.

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to accomplished seniors.

She plans to attend Cornell University this fall.

Women Gucci Belt

Women Gucci Belt

Many awards came Gucci Belt Interlocking G

Li used the poem "Risk taking is Free" by Christina Henry: "Only a person who risks is free." Li wanted to remind her fellow students that one must take risks to succeed, and congratulated them on not being afraid Versace Belt Men Gold Medusa

Those who managed to attain the impressive membership in the Ten or Fifteen Clubs received recognition, as well. The Ten or Fifteen Club memberships are awarded to seniors Women Gucci Belt who have made the honor roll for 10 or 15 quarters in their high school careers.

Women Gucci Belt

Alvirne High School's most scholarly and noble gathered for an evening awards ceremony in the gymnasium on Thursday.

Women Gucci Belt

"I'm very excited and honored to have an opportunity to inspire my classmates," Li said before the event.

to fail.

´╗┐Alvirne honors scholars of all sorts

Women Gucci Belt

Women Gucci Belt

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