Versace Belt Medusa

Later That Night

He couldn't help but stare. You reached up and brought him down to you again. You kissed him and he kissed you back.

Versace Belt Medusa

Needing air you pull away from him, and then lie down onto your back.

There was still a blush on your face at the thought of what you wanted, you took his hand and led him to the bed. You sat him down and you sat next to him.

"I love you too." He said and stroked your face gently.

Versace Belt Medusa

you, and of course it'll be through that person. You hated it, you came to Suna to be with him. You Gucci Belt Red Snake

His tongue pushed against your lips, begging for entrance. You allowed him to and his tongue roamed around until meeting with its partner.

Versace Belt Medusa

You had come out from the shower and to your surprise there he was. You were quicker, you stood between him and the door knob. He was wearing his Kazekage outfit.

Then moved on and began kissing down to your abdomen and past it. He reached his hand down and started to trace your entrance, slowly with two fingers.

´╗┐Always Watching GaaraXReader LEMON

Versace Belt Medusa

Versace Belt Medusa

You leaned in and gave him a gentle kiss. He kissed back deepening it. He craved for you, all the days and nights deprived from seeing you must have done a number on himself, especially with you half naked.

Versace Belt Medusa

was interrupted because you had pulled the towel off and thrown it aside. Now you were completely naked in front of the Kazekage.

You were in a vulnerable position, your hands over your head, and your legs spread wide.

Versace Belt Medusa

"What is it, Riko?" He asked.

"Are you sure?" He asked. You nodded and he leaned down and started to kiss your neck, and he would gently nip at the flesh as he continued down. He reached your breast and engulfed the right nipple into his mouth, gently biting the hardening bud. With his other hand he rubbed your left nipple. This sent shivers down your spine and made you arch your back. You let out a moan.

"We shouldnt do this." He said, "I should "

Versace Belt Medusa

Versace Belt Medusa

loved him, he loved you. He was the Kazekage, and he didnt have a second to be with you. To hug you, to kiss you. So you just watched over him, hoping that one night you can express your true feelings in the way you had wanted. You had wanted to move onto the next level, that made you blush. You quickly left the room, you were unnoticed by all the things that were happening at the moment.

Always Watching [GaaraXReader LEMON]For the sake of argument, and the fact I hate the whole (y/n) thing, plus youre name might suck, like mine. [its too long.] Therefore the character will be named Riko, age 19 [cough.] who will be Gucci Belt Black With Silver Buckle

He Gucci Belt New Design

Versace Belt Medusa

Your sat up slightly and with your hands you brought him down to your face. He Versace Belt Medusa had his hands on either side of your head which held himself up above you. In the next second he was sitting on the bed right in front of your body.

Versace Belt Medusa

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