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"We paid for it all as we went, and did almost all of the work ourselves," Kim Call said of the ambitious remodeling effort. "The only work we had to contract out for was some of the plumbing and electrical."

Three years later, the expansion project was completed, and the resultant 2,750 square foot home bears little outward or even inward evidence of the original mobile home.

see success, both families say a great deal of patience is required, especially if the home is being lived in during the remodeling.

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Another example of an ambitious remodeling project is the home of David and Merrie Knutson. The Knutsons first moved into their singlewide 14 by 70 foot mobile home on Knutson Corner in Spanish Valley in 1985. Five years later, they added a stick built addition to the north side of the original structure. Then, in 1999, they bought an old salvage trailer from a job site for $1,500, and attached it to the south side of the original trailer.

Monogram Louis Vuitton Belt

Monogram Louis Vuitton Belt

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Monogram Louis Vuitton Belt

Merrie Knutson says the couple saved money on materials by using scrap lumber salvaged from billboards and movie Gucci Belts For Ladies

Monogram Louis Vuitton Belt

Monogram Louis Vuitton Belt

A number of Moab residents have substantially upgraded their own homes, doing much of the work themselves and incorporating reused or recycled materials into the job.

´╗┐Ambitious remodeling projects can require patience years of work

"Part of the floor of our first addition is actually the ramp that was used in the final scene of 'Thelma and Louise,'" Merrie said with a laugh.

sets they've worked on.

Although multi year projects such as those undertaken by the Calls and Knutsons can eventually Michael Kors Belts Real

Back in the early spring of 2001, when the Calls and their 12 children first moved into the building, they ate in the theatre's original lobby, and shared a single bathroom. The kids slept on mattresses on the bare floor of the cave like theater.

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Nearly a decade Michael Kors Belt Buckle

Monogram Louis Vuitton Belt

ago, Russell and Kimberly Call purchased Moab's old movie theater on Mill Creek Drive. In the years since, they have remodeled the building into an impressive home suitable for their large family.

Over a period of three years or so, the Calls transformed the building into the showcase residence it is today. The home was recently the setting of an episode of the reality television show "World's Strictest Parents."

"We went through a whole winter with an open hole in the wall, which we covered with plastic, insulation, tarp, and blankets," Merrie Knutson said. "But the biggest mess was during the remodeling of the kitchen, when they were adding tape and texture to the walls. We had plastic taped up everywhere, and still couldn't keep out all the dust."

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Like Monogram Louis Vuitton Belt the Calls, the Knutsons did most of the work themselves, and paid for things as they went along, only having to take out a relatively small home equity loan during the final phase. They also remodeled the kitchen and have since redone a bathroom.

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