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They said the council and its partners wanted to get the best deal for the city, and if private companies were able to access information then they could end up charging the council more for work and services.

Former council leader Bryn Sidaway, who sits as an independent, said he felt it was more in the public interest for the debate to be held openly.

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And secret documents reveal that if plans did go ahead the total cost over the next 28 years could be more than 1.6billion with Sunderland paying out more than 772million.

"And no decisions will ever be made in this complex and lengthy process without full and proper consultation.

He said not allowing taxpayers to hear the discussion meant "they could pay the piper but they couldn't sing the song", and that it was the first time in history the press and public would be told to leave a full council meeting.

But last night council leader Bob Symonds promised that no decision has yet been made on whether the project would go ahead and where it would be built it if did.

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"All councillors would have been privy to the discussion, but we are duty bound to retain confidentiality on certain rare occasions like this the single biggest contract that any of the three councils have ever entered into."

The confidential report also shows that Energy from Waste technology, which has been slammed by environmental groups because it produces more harmful gases than gas fuelled power stations, is the top ranked option.

STATEMENT by Sunderland Council Leader Bob Symonds on the halting of the meeting and the reasons why the press and public were asked to leave.


His promises came as the Tory and Independent groups challenged a motion put forward to ban the press and public from hearing the discussions.

Coun Symonds and Coun Kath Rolph, responsible for waste handling in Wearside, said that discussions and certain information relating to the plans should be kept secret as it was commercially sensitive.

Labour councillors were subjected to angry outbursts from the public gallery when people who had turned out to listen to the debate were then told they couldn't.

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come to this. All information other than the commercially and financially sensitive elements has been in the public domain since last December and is readily available on the intranet.

But opposition parties said none of the information up for discussion was commercially sensitive and the public should be allowed to know all the facts.

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Leaked documents seen by the Echo this week revealed council bosses are looking into burning the city's rubbish, along with Gateshead and South Tyneside's, to create energy.

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Tory leader Councillor Lee Martin said the issue of building an incinerator or adopting any of the other options for treating waste was such a big environmental decision that the public had a right to listen to the debate.

He added that it was vital that the council looked into how best to dispose of its rubbish rather than sending most of it to landfill.

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Michael Kors Belt Brown

"IT is disappointing that the situation has Hermes Belts Cheap

Protesters halted a meeting to discuss controversial plans to build an incinerator as part of a 1bn project to burn waste.

"The point is that the report contained commercially sensitive information which could be used by potential tenderers for any future contract to their advantage, and would prevent the three councils' partnership from achieving the best possible financial arrangements on behalf of council taxpayers in the three areas.

Coun Martin said the council was going too fast with its waste treatment plans and Michael Kors Belt Brown more time was needed to take a close look at all the options.

Michael Kors Belt Brown

He added that residents in every ward in Sunderland were worried they would have a waste treatment plant built in their neighbourhood.

And opposition councillors boycotted the debate, which the Labour group said should be held in private to stop private companies cashing in on confidential information if it was released.

But opposition parties lost out in a vote to allow the public and press to stay. As the meeting was adjourned it is believed that the controversial issue will be discussed again at the next full council meeting.

But police had to be called Hermes Belt Ladies Uk

´╗┐Anger as protesters told to leave meeting

to the council chamber after two or three protesters in the packed public gallery refused to leave the meeting after the ruling Labour group voted it should be held behind closed doors. The meeting had been adjourned by the time police arrived.

"If it costs the council more, it obviously costs council taxpayers more. We would not achieve the maximum value for money," said Coun Rolph.

Michael Kors Belt Brown

Michael Kors Belt Brown

But at last night's meeting Sunderland Coun Symonds assured those in the packed public gallery that no decision had been made.

The controversial Energy from Waste system, which is already in use at a site on the Isle of Man, is one of several options being investigated by a new partnership between the three councils on how best to slash the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

"I must stress again that no decision has been made nor will be made on methods of waste disposal or possible sites at this stage as this is simply the first stage submitting an outline business case to Gucci Belt Red Green Stripe

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