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You see. launches into explanation with huge detailed chart and little lazer pointer thing . when my Hermes Belt Buckle Women

the other old heads still out there?! (Quince, this means YOU!)

"I guess I did read that monkey's diary. I guess we're all terrible people! laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh" "The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack

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father was just a small young lad. (F: =.= ."lad?") Yes, LAD. But over time it evolved into a rich dark chocolate y brown. So, yeah. nods nods nods

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Jace: "why do you think i'm listening to your conversation?"Sebastian: "Because you seemed to be following it. I'm equally suspicious of everyone."

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Something really depressing happened yesterday.

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(G: looks at above quote What?) (J: =.= that makes. no sense.) (S: highly affronted It makes perfect sense! Thank you very much!) (J: YOU'RE WELCOME VERY MUCH!) (F: ^^; Usually when someone says "thank you very much" like that, they're being sarcastic.) Wow, Felix is really a genius. (F: SHUT UP, OKAY?! OBVIOUSLY Michael Kors Belt Black JAMES DIDN'T GET IT!) Yeah, well. what else is new? (J: frown)

Haha, wow. Good to be back. God knows I'll get addicted to this website again and become a zombie. ONCE MORE! But who cares, right?! I have about 60 messages to respond to, whoooo hooooo! Any of Louis Vuitton Belt Brown And Gold

New WWFFY! It doesn't have a name. Maybe I'll name it as I go, I was thinking something to do with smoke and chains. But hell, who knows. This one's a little more serious than the original one (I like to call it "version up") and more mature. It's also more badass. nods

Something like that. =.= But anyway.

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I read City of Glass! Finally. I actually predicted a lot of what was going to happen. ^^;;; But that's okay, it was still a really good book. On page 69, Gucci Belt For Sale Cheap

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Gale is a bit less goth and no longer a vampire. Seth is a bit less cuddly and no longer a fox neko hybrid thing. Felix is a bit less. well, no, actually, he's not less obnoxious, but he isn't a spirit anymore either. James isn't a lost angel anymore, but he's still a pig.

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People around me tend to get a bit unhinged after a while. One of my best friends; my brother; my cousin; my ex boyfriend. I know that drugs, depression, and self mutilation are common these days, but things always seem to happen so close to me. Recently I've taken to blaming myself for that. Like, how can that be a coincidence? Is there something wrong about me? Do I drive people I love to hurt themselves?

"today is just like yesterday. except that it's not." Seth

I also got a new manga, "Angel's Coffin." It's so good. xD So sad.

Wow. I have no idea what to write. Hmmm. strokes imaginary Dumbledore beard Oh. ^^ I have this new habit of calling Voldemort Voldy and Dumbledore Dumbly. It's fun to say, so fun to say. Dumbly Dumbly Dumbly!!!

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gasp MY HAIR CHANGED COLOR! On it's own. see, when I put the turquoise dye IN about two weeks ago, my hair was like. not really light blonde, but close. The dye washed out, and NOW MY HAIR IS CHAMPAGNE! >xDDDDD COOL!

The Angeless Complex, aka my given name for the spiraling guilt/self hatred. thing. that I constantly experience. I'm not completely sure how to explain it, but I'll do my best.

Oh my God. twitches spastically Kyeh kyeh kyeh kyeh kyeh. I GET TO SEE HARRY POTTER TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! >xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Basically, people with. abilities. ^^;;; I'm not sure who will be able to do what, yet. I think James will be able to fly. Because he's James, and I have to keep some things the same, right?

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Oh, shit. They're back. Say hello to the reinvented Felix, Seth, James, and Gale, you guys! I call them The Guys Version 2.0.

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Jace and Sebastian are speaking in Romanian. does anyone know Romanian? I tried to get it translated online, and it made no sense. It was something along the lines of:

wink I'll tell y'all how it is. Without spilling anything important, of course. (J: =.= Since when do you say "y'all?") I don't. (J: You just did.) NO I DIDN'T!!! hits him with a mop (J: passes out) (F: Uh. Angeless. giggles I guess I did, didn't I?!

Umm. Idk what to say. But I am back, I think! LOL. I've got a lot of stuff going on so it may be hard to update, but I'll do my best to keep the action coming! pirate face (what's a pirate face? I don't know either.)

So, yeah. Look out for chapter one, mes amis! >lD

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Writing the results for the first chapter was really fun. ^^ They're basically the character profiles, so go back and read them if you didn't!I actually just recently realized how much I admire mosquitos. Obviously I hate the bites, but it's cool that they can. Are there mosquitos in Michigan, just out of curiosity? Wow. I'll be in my new house by tomorrow afternoon. teary It's insane.

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