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´╗┐Alvirne linguist in jester cap eyes future


"My ultimate goal is to be the puppet master of the world, but that's not feasible," Gamrat said. "I'd live in a purple house with a large amount of murals, one of Darth Vader."

Gamrat made an impression on the French kids, communicating in their native tongue.

Gamrat said she'd like to work for the government as "some sort of translator" and hopes her college experience in Canada will give her a better chance of pursuing that Guess Belt Mens

"She's comfortable in who she is," Encarnacao said. "She's happy to be herself and very secure in that."

She likes to doodle and draw people in class. She rollerblades after school at Roller Kingdom in Tyngsborough, Mass., and she rereads her favorite books, including the Harry Potter series. Gamrat even joined Alvirne's ROTC program because she thought it would further her learning.

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The past few weeks of senior year are a breeze for most kids. With graduation coming up fast and homework sparse, the celebration starts early.

Gamrat will return home for about a month after the summer program ends and then head back up to Montreal for the start of school Aug. 31.

Gamrat said she likes to learn new languages because "it's the only thing that's really living."

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Her last few weeks at Alvirne will be spent learning college level Quebec history, taught entirely in French. It's a challenge she chose over coasting to graduation.

"They said, 'Most people just speak to us in English and hope we understand,'" Gamrat said.

Gamrat started learning French in fifth grade and continued the language at the Presentation of Mary Academy, a private school, in Hudson. She's quick to say she's not fluent but she must be close to it, considering her grades in Alvirne's first ever Advanced Placement French class this year and her success in the application to McGill's summer program.

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very funny," she said. "She's one of those kids you only meet every so often in your career as a guidance counselor."

Gamrat watches the game show "Jeopardy!" every night with her parents, and she actually applied this year to be a contestant. She passed the first section of online tryouts, but the second tryout is coming up and she will be unable to leave the summer program in Montreal. She'll apply later though, she said.

But the straight A student is not always serious.

and a group of French students came to visit Alvirne instead.

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"I took it because I was told we would learn the history of the Air Force, but instead we learned the history of NASA and that was even better," she said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Every year The Telegraph profiles a graduating senior from various high schools in our coverage area. This is one of a series of such profiles that will be published in coming weeks.

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Tracy Encarnacao, a guidance counselor at Alvirne, said Gamrat had to be tested and interviewed in French to get into the summer program at McGill.

Gamrat has an overall GPA of 4.14, Encarnacao said. The number is inflated Lv Belts For Sale above the usual max of 4.0 because of her success in more difficult classes and online courses.

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Gamrat has almost always picked the hard road, or at least the road with the most to learn. At Alvirne, she dabbled in clubs for art and anime Japanese animation and she's a part of both the National Honor Society and French Honor Society. She started a book club with friends and classmates last year, and she was in charge of the monthly French newsletter before recently handing it off to another student before she left for McGill.

Gamrat worked hard to wrap up her classes early in order to travel to Montreal for an summer program at McGill University. She will attend the school full time in August.

Her parents are both computer engineers, with her mother focusing on Web site design and her father as a project manager. She has one younger sister, currently at Alvirne and taking driver's education, and the family has three cats and a dog.

"She's incredibly intelligent but also Louis Vuitton Belt Images

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The summer program started on Memorial Day and runs until July 22. She'll take a five hour bus ride back to Manchester to graduate with her Alvirne senior class next Saturday, June 18, at the Verizon Wireless Arena.

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Last week, Gamrat topped off a regular weekday outfit with a soft jester hat with tassels and mixed colors of purple, green, orange, and red something students would be more likely to wear on Halloween.

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She visited France for a week in her freshman year through a program at Alvirne and was excited to find new, real life scenarios to use the language. She was supposed to go back to France as a junior as part of the same program but the trip was canceled Gucci Belt Black Womens

Gamrat has included her classmates in her passion for the show, too. She has set up a trivia question every day in calculus class this semester and already put in 10 more questions for the class to use when she'll be away in Montreal.

"I choose my activities randomly," said Gamrat. "I just sort of listen to the announcements and try whatever catches my eye."

She will major in linguistics at McGill but also considered majors in Greek mythology, history, Chinese and computer science.

Gamrat also started learning Web site design and some Mandarin Chinese through classes at the Virtual Learning Academy Charter School, an online public school free for New Hampshire students itching for more knowledge.

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