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Chris Warner says.

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TougherAlso on the card was former interim junior middleweight champion Alfredo Angulo.

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Khan got back in the winning column against the right opponent but it will be a lot harder for him at world level so let's hope he can compete there when he steps up.

round it looked like Molina was ready to give up because of the frustration of not being able to land anything of significance. In the 10th round Khan was doing what he had to do, boxing and moving, peppering Molina's face with punches. After this round, Molina's corner stopped the fight.

It was a non stop fast paced action packed fight with Cruz pulling out a hard fought win with scores of 116 112, 118 110 and 119 109 although in fairness it Lv Belt Gold Buckle should have been more like 115 113.

Lv Belt Gold Buckle

By the ninth Louis Vuitton Belt Women

Molina was unbeaten in 18 fights; moreover he's only 27 years of age but crucially he had not been fighting at Khan's level. His knockout percentage was also low with only seven Louis Vuitton Belt Black Grey

Lv Belt Gold Buckle

moving and made Molina look ordinary.

He had a tougher than expected night as he was extended the full 10 rounds by Jorge Silva. It was supposed to be an early night for Angulo but instead Silva took everything he threw and came back to hurt Angulo with good left hooks to the chin.

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Angulo went on to win on all three cards with scores of 97 93 but it could have been closer or even a draw.

As the fight progressed it was clear to see why Molina had been chosen as Khan's opponent. He was physically much smaller, had no power at all and couldn't adapt to change things up even though he was losing every round. Khan's style had not changed much after switching trainers. He had his chin up and his hands low. He moved around a lot throwing lots of left jabs but he didn't bounce as much as he used to. He was good at long range jabbing and Gucci Belt Gg Men

Khan got off to a great start in the first four rounds with his superior hand speed and foot work. He landed left jabs on Molina's head and clean left hooks to his body. Molina got cut on his left eye early in the fight and it was bleeding badly by the fourth. He did get close enough in the sixth round to hit Khan on the head with left hooks but they were his only success so far in the fight.

Lv Belt Gold Buckle

to his credit. On paper it looked a safe piece of match making for Khan's comeback fight but in boxing anything can happen.

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Amir Khan: from a shrewd piece of match making from his comeback fight The Sports Arena in Los Angeles was the venue for the vacant WBC 'Silver' belt. Most of the fans were on Molina's side as he is of Mexican descent and Los Angeles has a big Hispanic community. Unsurprisingly, the crowd booed Khan as he made his way to the ring.

I saw nothing new from Khan and I am sure that is the same thing Garcia is thinking! I saw that Khan is already talking about cleaning up 140 then moving to 147 yo fight Mayweather. I think he will be lucky if he wins another title at 140 but cant see him cleaning up and getting all 4 belts. A move to 147 is a bad idea. Those guys are bigger, stronger and hit harder which is the last thing Khan needs. Mayweather easily beats Khan and I think would stop him in 5 6 rounds through hard accurate counter punching.

Lv Belt Gold Buckle

Earlier in the day in the same ring but on a different TV network, IBF bantamweight champion Leo Santa Cruz had a tough time defending his belt by going the distance with Alberta Guevara. Cruz attacked throughout the fight landing hard body shots and rights to Guevara but he took a lot of shots in return too.

Lv Belt Gold Buckle

´╗┐Amir Khan's comeback a clear success but he'll have to step up at world level

Khan needed a win badly, so blown up lightweight Carlos Molina was chosen for his return.

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