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As with most new school clubs, the future of Alvirne's Science Olympiad Club was uncertain last year. The second year of the club has started off with a boom. It has gained interest, and after Alvirne's success last year, underclassmen have taken the cue to join the team.

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events. The award ceremony at the end of the day is an experience full of science sportsmanship, pride and thunderous applause for the winners in each category.

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This school year's competition will be Saturday, April 5.

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"I had a positive experience last year," she said. "The competition day was very fun. Leading up to the competition, I studied a lot of in depth information in fields that I would not have learned in school."

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Anselm on the day of the competition, brightly colored science themed T shirts are clearly visible, along with students' frantic studying for Lv Belt For Women

With the formation of the first Science Olympiad team at Alvirne High School last year came an Versace Belt Red

The team also placed fifth in the Disease Detectives category.

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In other events, students are judged on how well they have built a scientific mechanism, such as the agility of a robot arm or the amount of time an elastic launched glider can stay in the air.

´╗┐Alvirne students drawn to Science Olympiad team

Senior Chris Fernald said he likes the club because "it interests students in the sciences and provides great experience in problem solving."

exciting win in the statewide robot arm category.

Some categories are tests for which students can study. Students study all year for these tests, which are taken in teams of two in a classroom at the college.

"We're very excited about this year's team," Science Olympiad adviser Julie Burton said. "We Lv Belt Black And Grey have a lot of students wanting to build things. We are still in the early stages of our preparation, and we're hopeful for the competition in the spring."

After winning a ribbon in the competition last year, senior Danielle Lefebvre said she's eager to compete in the Science Olympiad this year and is feeling confident about the team.

Alvirne's newfound participation in the competition has given students the opportunity to be enthusiastic about a field that's sometimes intimidating, yet always critical.

The atmosphere of the competition, rather than being extremely competitive, is more relaxed, allowing for bonding through shared interests. Students can connect, regardless of school. Science related games are played that include members from many teams.

The Science Olympiad is a state and national competition in different categories, with the New Hampshire competition taking place at St. Anselm College each year. It exposes students to science, technology, engineering and mathematical disciplines and possible career choices.

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