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And if she resigns, Rick Perry gets to appoint her successor, explaining why local Democrats want her to stay on the job.

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

But should she? Making corruption charges stick is hard enough with one's credibility intact. Ronnie Earle found this out when he tried to prosecute Kay Bailey Hutchison. It's hard to imagine Lehmberg withstanding the political backlash that comes with trying to hold powerful public officials accountable.

That's true I am a Democratic campaign consultant, and sometimes they even pay me but that criticism switches the order of my motivations. I agree with Democrats, so I went to work for them.

The moral case against Anderson, a Republican state district judge, could not be clearer. Judge Louis Sturns ruled that Anderson withheld exculpatory evidence when he was the Williamson County district Versace Belt For Women

Still, when a politician steps in corruption gum, my reaction is usually to condemn the Republican and defend the Democrat. By now it's an ingrained reflex. To correct this, I ask myself whether I would feel the same if the offender belonged to the other party. And when it comes to what I honestly think of Rosemary Lehmberg and Ken Anderson, I come to the same conclusion: Regardless of what party they belong to, both belong behind bars and not Hermes Belt Kid

When I stick up for Democrats, some question my motives, arguing that I'm only backing my guys because I'm a paid political consultant for Democratic campaigns.

in public office.

"I had to spend the money to hire lawyers. And I worked my entire life and now they have it," he said, cementing forever the judgment that Anderson is fit neither for public office nor for polite society.

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

Now Anderson wants to use the long stretch Morton served to his own advantage, arguing that the statute of limitations has expired. It's the kind of thing that makes you hope there's a hell so Anderson will have somewhere to go when he dies.

Stop looking for the shame that a normal person would show. We're talking about Texas politicians here. Different rules apply to them, and that's the problem.

attorney, resulting in Michael Morton's wrongful conviction. Morton served 25 years in prison before DNA evidence exonerated him of his wife's murder.

´╗┐Anderson Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle on the receiving end of justice

If you can believe it, it gets worse. Anderson lacked contrition in the court of inquiry convened to determine his guilt. Instead of resigning his seat on the bench out of shame or apologizing for his role in stealing a quarter century from an innocent man's life, Anderson whined about Hermes Belt New Buckle

All this leaves me feeling like my family's safety is in something less than capable hands.

But just because she's a drunken mess of political entitlement doesn't mean Lehmberg doesn't have a role to play when she gets out of jail. The Travis County district attorney heads the Public Integrity Unit, which by law has jurisdiction over corruption in state government. attorney decides to make a federal case out of something, the only one who can prosecute any of these Banana Republicans in elected state office is Lehmberg.

It says a lot about Texas ethics when the only check on political corruption is currently sitting in jail after pleading guilty to drunken driving. And it says even more that a man responsible for sending a man to prison for 25 years for a crime he didn't commit is moaning that he can't be held responsible anymore.

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

The case of our drunken district attorney Lehmberg is more complicated. Most people got justifiably upset that Gabrielle Nestande, a wealthy Californian with political connections, killed a woman in Austin in May 2011 while driving drunk and got her 10 year sentence probated though the judge gave her 180 days in jail as a condition of her probation. Lehmberg, however, sympathized with the jury.

Maybe Lehmberg was projecting. Police videos show Lehmberg stumbling during her field sobriety test earlier this month and sobbing while shackled in jail. She even pleaded for her jailers to fetch the sheriff like her, an elected Democrat saying, "He's not going to let me sit in jail all night. That's crazy."

"Jurors can imagine themselves being faced with a similar situation," she said.

how expensive this has been for him.

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

Louis Vuitton Mens Belt Buckle

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