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"It's fun to see what they do with what's up there," he said.

If you've ever wanted to see a Turner and Creature from the Black Lagoon in the same evening, now's your chance.

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That last item offers a glimpse into the mystery and majesty of the exhibition's subject the ocean as seen from the deep.

reflect that literary bent. Abdulrazak Gurnah will also discuss his book In Postcolonial Waters.

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´╗┐Ambitious exhibition promises to be deep

"It's amazing that this thing the size of a hand was the tooth of this leviathan," said Contemporary director Alex Farquharson, who curates the exhibition.

Other events include an "anti lecture" about the sounds of the ocean and an Gucci Belt

Louis Vuitton Belts White

Louis Vuitton Belts White

Louis Vuitton Belts White

Louis Vuitton Belts White

In addition to Freud and Turner, the exhibition features work by 18th century Japanese artists Hokusai and Louis Vuitton Belts White Juniyoshi and contemporary artists such as Turner Prize winner and Nottingham Trent graduate Simon Starling.

An "Octopuses' Garden" will feature arts projects for kids as well as a pirate photo booth where kids (and grown ups) can briefly live the swashbuckling life.

He wants to open up the entire building to everyone and then see how younger people view and interpret the art.

In addition to the art, the exhibition will feature a number of events for children and families.

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For Alex, these are crucial parts of such a big exhibition.

Film Season" including a B movie double bill.

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The exhibition, which opens to the public on Saturday, includes two works by Turner and one by Lucian Freud. It is among the biggest and most ambitious in the five year old gallery's history.

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Louis Vuitton Belts White

Louis Vuitton Belts White

The exhibition of more than 150 pieces also includes photography, a video installation of traditional Korean diving fisherwomen, a sculpture of a rotting shark made with gold leaf, Victorian blown glass models of creatures of the deep and shapes made with sperm whale teeth by unknown sailors.

The series of events around the exhibition somewhat Gucci Belt Gg

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