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´╗┐Ambitious women reveal how they juggled their kids and careers as TV chef tells of guilt over being a working mum

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Louis Vuitton Belts For Sale

From the twinge of remorse as I commando crawl with my brood into a fast food joint (no, that chicken sandwich isn't organic), to the eye rolling shame of being so rushed in the morning that my children have occasionally been spotted eating banana sandwiches in the car.

Great British Bake Off star Mary took just five weeks of maternity leave after each of her three children were born because she didn't have the confidence to leave her career to spend more time with her family.

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Yep, I'm a juggling mum and like every other mother in my group of friends including some who work and some who stay at home I have moments when I wonder if I'm getting it right.

Workwise, I make sure I keep Louis Vuitton Belt Grey

can juggle the time to go to a sports day.

my foot in the door of all sorts of opportunities because, in a few years, when Zeki Versace Belt White

On the plus side, I never miss a sports activity or a parents' night, but over the years I've cut a million corners to keep it all together.

It isn't just guilt that working mums have to grapple with. The astronomical price of childcare means the average mother now works 17 weeks a year simply to cover these costs.

Now I was totally responsible for two small children and I had to completely restructure my life to make sure I could be there for them.

I've recently turned down work trips to Argentina, South Africa and Spain because if I'm not here, there's no one else to step in.

Back in 2000, I got my first publishing deal on March 18 at 3pm. At 4pm, I found out I was pregnant with my oldest son.

is more independent, I'll be able to take these up. But I never feel guilt about working because I have to do it to pay the bills and give my children opportunities.

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I realised that this was me having to start all over again.

SHE'S the domestic goddess who has become the go to expert for running the perfect family kitchen, but Mary Berry has admitted she feels Louis Vuitton Belts For Sale tremendous guilt over being a working mum.

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She told Hello magazine: "I was very keen on giving the children the right food, but I didn't play as long as I could have.

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What kept me going was looking at the big picture and the life I wanted for myself and my children.

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They're now old enough to recognise that life is a bit of a juggle for me but they appreciate that rather than resenting it, and we're very close.

I work from home, which does allow me some flexibility, but to ensure they could get involved in everything they were interested in as they got older, I had to make the effort to be a real part of those activities.

"My husband did the reading every night with the children because I was always trying to do two things at once. I didn't do enough homework with them."

Sixteen months later, his little brother came along. Since then, I've written 13 books whilepenning two weekly columns. I work from home and Gucci Belt Replica

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My children are everything to me but I love my work and I know that I'll be able to develop that further as time goes by.

I work while the boys are at school, stop at 3pm to spend a few hours with them, and then when they go to bed, I head back to my desk.

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Ghillie Basan pics of when her children were young and she became a single parent

Here, three well known Scottish mums tell us how they have juggled the multiple demands of family life and their careers.

To some extent that is what still keeps me going because I don't suffer any working mother's guilt but I worry constantly about the endless juggling needed to make sure we get everything done.

Mary, now 77, was making her way in the world of cookery and food publishing in the 60s and 70s but wishes she'd had more time for bedtime stories and homework.

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