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No matter what their path, King said students often leave school with the skills and knowledge of a particular subject area, but without the communication and other professional skills they need to land a job.

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Louis Vuitton Belt Uk

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HUDSON Alvirne Senior Kelly Robinson has worked at the Hudson Recreation Department for three years, so she's no stranger to job interviews or working in a professional environment.

It's an issue that Terri Connolly, a marketing and promotions specialist with Triangle Credit Union, has seen first hand.

center, and local businesswoman Laurie Glaude, also a volunteer with state workforce readiness groups.

King said she and Glaude went over appropriate dress for an interview, and even talked about the importance of a strong handshake, eye contact and posture when meeting a potential employer for the first time.

For Robinson, the training was an important opportunity to practice the professional skills she'll need going forward.

working with children and their parents from her experience at the recreation department and the high school's Little Broncos preschool, but said the workforce readiness training program will likely help her a lot during a future job search.

´╗┐Alvirne students get a leg up on future careers

The program was the result of a partnership between Alvirne's Judy King, the business and community liaison at the high school's vocational and technical Michael Kors Belts

"Students graduating from these CTE programs, they are prepared academically, but practicing the interview process actually prepares them to get the job," Connolly said.

Louis Vuitton Belt Uk

Students were stationed throughout the Alvirne CTE building Friday, participating in the mock interviews. Prior to the meetings, students were given a series of questions to be prepared to answer, and practiced how they might approach the questions in an interview.

Louis Vuitton Belt Uk

"Communication is like any other skill," Glaude said. "If you don't use it, you lose it. Being able to communicate professionally is Louis Vuitton Belt Uk a skill you have to practice."

The local professionals interviewing students went through training of their own, and were given a rubric by which to assess students' performance.

Louis Vuitton Belt Uk

The new workforce readiness program was piloted this year with about 40 juniors and seniors in the high school's career and technical education programs, teaching networking and interviewing skills to help students better transition from high school to higher education or careers.

Still, with college on the horizon and many more interviews in her future, Robinson said she's hoping a new program at Alvirne will help her be more prepared to launch a teaching career in a few years.

Some students graduating from a career education program at Alvirne go straight into the workforce after high school with the skills they've gained. Many others go on to higher education before working toward a career.

Louis Vuitton Belt Uk

Louis Vuitton Belt Uk

King has been interested in starting a program to get students familiar with these skills for years, and after talking about the idea with Glaude, they brought the program to fruition at the high school this school year.

Glaude said that in today's modern world, in which students are becoming proficient with technology at younger ages, teaching them skills like talking on the phone or speaking with someone face to face is becoming all the more important.

"Everything is texting or instant messaging today," she said. "Anything face to face comes hard to young people."

Being given an opportunity to practice these skills in a safe setting, Connolly said, with immediate feedback on what they did well and how they can improve, can be invaluable to students who are looking for work or more education.

"It's an issue that we often hear about, that students are in need of those soft skills, the professional skills," King said.

The three part program was in its final stage last week, as students sat down with professionals from around the region for mock interviews. Earlier this school year, students learned how to dress professionally, create 30 second "elevator pitches" to promote themselves to future employers, and also practiced proper communication skills.

A student in the early childhood development program, Robinson plans to attend New England College in the fall to study the same subject, and wants to get a teaching job after earning her degree.

Connolly, who conducted several mock interviews with Alvirne students Friday, previously worked in human resources, and said she was surprised to see how many job applicants struggled with professional communication.

about a job, she said, can be a challenge for young people who are used to communicating electronically with their friends, often using slang or abbreviations.

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Louis Vuitton Belt Uk

Louis Vuitton Belt Uk

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