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The program gets seven specimens a year, O'Connell said, acquired through Texas Tech University's Willed Body Program.

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Within are the deceased, who guide students through their tour of human form and function.

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For example, the lab has to be inspected by the state's anatomical board every few years, and the area has its own security system.

"We feel like we can provide a better level of understanding if they (students) actually get to do the dissection," she said.

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he said, of things that can and can't be done in the lab setting.

And students and staff are beholden to certain OSHA requirements because of the chemicals used to embalm the remains.

The goal, Gassler and O'Connell said, is to practice the utmost respect Louis Vuitton Belt Screws

"When we established the program in 1995, it was very important for us to have a human cadaver lab as a means of teaching the students the human body," she said.

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At most physical therapy schools associated with a medical school, students don't do much dissection, O'Connell Louis Vuitton Belt Online Buy said, such things being primarily the privilege of the medical students.

´╗┐Anatomy of a human dissection

Melissa Dorr, 23, was recently one of those students.

The remains, contrary to popular belief, are not unclaimed bodies or people off the street, said John Gassler, an assistant professor in HSU's physical therapy department.

As a Christian institution, it's the attitude the school tries to instill among those in the school's physical therapy program, she said.

"Fearfully and wonderfully made" is the way Janelle O'Connell, head of Hardin Simmons University's physical therapy program, describes the human body, taking a cue from the 39th chapter of Psalms.

"So our students definitely have a unique opportunity to be able to learn," she said of the hands on experience four hours (or more) of lab time a week, stretching over two semesters.

HSU is the only private school in Texas and was the first program in the state to offer an entry level doctor of physical therapy degree.

"We ask them (students) to not leave the lab and go home and talk to their friends about what they've done and what they've seen," O'Connell said. "It is important to their learning, but other people can take it out of context."

Most cadaver labs are found at medical schools, but HSU sought state approval to have an on site facility so that its students could do dissection firsthand.

The lab, when not in use, is meticulously clean, even pleasant. The tanks that hold the remains gleam brushed metal silver, the overall feeling is sterile and quiet.

Dissected materials cannot be taken out of the lab, and no one is allowed in the lab except for the students and instructors, Gassler said.

"We basically bless the bodies and thank the donors for their contribution to science, the contribution they're going to make to our students' education," O'Connell said of the cadavers used to teach the school's advanced physical therapy students gross anatomy. "It really is a gift they've given."

And there is a long list of regulations, Versace Belt

while learning, and there are confidentiality rules even outside the lab.

"These are all willed by the individuals," Gassler said.

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"Just as in any laboratory, there are minimum requirements for the disposal of chemicals, fresh air flow and that sort of thing," Gassler said.

The school receives a mix of male and female remains, O'Connell said.

State law is fairly stringent in governing how the materials are to be used and stored, he said.

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"We can't ask for certain types of diseases or anything Gucci Belt Floral

"At first it was kind of intimidating, but once we got in and got used to it, it was very educational," said Dorr of her experience working in the program's cadaver lab. "It was just a unique opportunity to see what we're going to be working on and know what it looks like."

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The approach, O'Connell said, is far superior to computer simulations and other tools that could be substituted for the dissection experience.

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like that," she said. "We know when we get them what they died from, but we can't, for example, request heart disease or cancer."

Students are "well aware of what's happening ahead of time," Gassler said, both academically and psychologically.

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