Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

and then on through Nova Scotia and the Maritimes," said Danny, as he packed away some groceries in a small cooler.

´╗┐American riders enjoying Labrador

"Someone in town told us about that service, so that was great," Renita noted, adding everyone they met in Labrador was "very friendly."

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

Renita and Danny Roberts along with family member Douglas Kimpel and friend Bob Quijano stopped in Happy Valley Goose Bay for a day on June 24 after travelling for over a week from their home in Suches, Georgia, on Ferragamo Belt White And Silver

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

The couple and their friends stayed at hotels and parks along the way, as they travelled from Georgia, through North Carolina, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York and Vermont, before hitting Canadian soil in Fermont, Que.

This was their first time on the Trans Labrador Highway, having picked it after doing some research on the Internet and talking to people.

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

"We stayed in touch with family and friends to let them know where we were whenever we got Wi Fi in a restaurant or somewhere. We also had out GPS and tools and Louis Vuitton Belt Gold spare parts in case something went wrong, but everything went pretty smooth."

She said Louis Vuitton Belt V

"This is our first time in eastern Canada. We've done the RV thing; but now that the kids have grown up, it was time to park the RV and get the motorcycle!"

their motorcycles.

"We averaged about 400 miles (643 kilometres) a day," said Renita, adding they kept in contact with each other via headsets in their helmets.

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

After picking up extra supplies at a local grocery store, the group got their gear packed away once again before hitting the open road.

"It was a beautiful drive, beautiful highway," she noted. "We saw one bear, some porcupine."

they were grateful to be able to get a nice hot shower at the Labrador Friendship Centre when they arrived in town.

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

"We're planning on visiting St. John's Lv Belt Man

"Everyone we spoke to in Labrador has made us feel so welcome," she said.

"We've been riding for many years," said Renita, adding they completed Alaska's Dalton Highway last year, and travelled through western Canada over the last couple of years.

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

Louis Vuitton Belt Gold

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