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retraining offices to vacant storefronts along some of San Mateo County's most successful commercial boulevards.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Not that such good fortune is necessarily bad. It's just a bit out of sync with prevailing conditions.

But, while meandering toward the North County the other day, we happened to notice another truly sad symptom of the current decline. There, in splendid, flashy operation, was a stylish van Louis Vuitton Belt For Women embellished with this happy and optimistic note: "Free foreclosed home tours."

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

That proved to be a boon for San Carlos' Patrick Boland, a local prep basketball official who suffered a cardiac event last week during a ballgame at Menlo.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

The Woodside Road establishment, though certainly not a favored venue for the cost conscious, remains one of mink and manure country's retail treasures. It has something for just about everyone with a healthy credit card.

In other words, hop on board and check out the great dirt cheap deals you can get on the despair of other people's bad investments.

It's definitely a sorry jungle out there. Reality doesn't just bite it gnaws to the fiscal bone.

Menlo's adult cadre has more than its share of Versace Belt With Medusa Head Buckle

IT'S NOT EXACTLY a stunning revelation that the economy is suffering a steep and depressing downturn right now.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

On a junket to Woodside, we stopped by Robert's Market to purchase a snack.

A Menlo plus: Meanwhile, not too far away in Atherton, another bastion of suburban affluence, Menlo School, has been an educational fixture since 1915.

Toenail tip: Then again, maybe things aren't quite as bad as we thought. Some lucky folks seem to have cash for just about anything, no matter how discretionary.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

With a tuition of $30,800 this year, though, Menlo obviously isn't for everyone. But it does have more than its share of pluses. One of them involves the students' families and friends.

Yep, there is nothing quite like a canine pedicure to raise the spirits and give us hope as the monetary storm clouds gather.

reality check

It's a far cry from the glory days of the San Mateo County real estate boom, when homes worth $1 million were as routine as tax problems for nominees for posts in the Obama administration.

´╗┐An economic Gucci Belt For Cheap

medical professionals. Not entirely surprising, given its proximity to the Stanford Medical Center.

There are signs of this malaise everywhere, from the lines at the unemployment and Versace Belt With Diamonds

And right on cue, a brief examination of the store's bulletin board included an ad for get ready for it a veterinary technician who does house calls for animals in need of toenail clipping.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

Louis Vuitton Belt For Women

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