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A gated area will be erected at the Derry Road exit leading to the CTE building main office to keep visitors from entering either of the school buildings without first going through the new visitor entrance.

the school's career and technical education programs from Checkers Restaurant and school store to the credit union and preschool require a community presence and support.

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The second phase of the project is smaller, costing about $45,254. It currently includes adding additional security cameras inside the school building and moving the CTE main office to an area closer to the main entrance of the building.

"It's been a very intense conversation. We're going into a default budget for next year, and many things are a top priority for education. But last night, it came down to our mission statement, to provide a safe and secure environment."

"This is something we've wanted to do for years, and as in many surrounding communities, the tragedy in Connecticut brought it to the forefront again," School Board Chairman Laura Bisson said Tuesday.

students are safe in the school without shutting out the community.

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The first phase will create a visitors entrance at the Steckevicz gymnasium, with a new glass partition, two sets of double doors, an intercom system and small staffed area to sign in guests.

The project will be completed in two phases. The first, expected to be completed over the summer, will use $85,590 in unexpended end of year funds.

be referenced by the school department or police if needed after an incident, and could be accessed live during an emergency.

Much of the work will be completed by Pelmac Industries, of Auburn, which worked on security systems at other town schools.

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The upgrades have already been bid out, Bisson said, and work will begin this summer, in hopes of completing the first phase in time for the start of the school year.

Eight external cameras will also be added, to monitor the parking areas, athletic fields, Checkers loading dock, Alvirne Farm and other areas. The cameras won't be monitored live, but can Hugo Boss Belt For Men

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Alvirne Principal Steve Beals said he was happy with the plans for security upgrades. Determining how to best secure the school was a challenge, he said, in part because many of Louis Vuitton Belts For Men

The project also will install a key card system at a number of other doors, including the cafeteria doors, exterior locker room entrance, the entrance near the athletic director's office and world languages department, and near the CTE building's adult day care.

But Beals said he's confident the new security measures Louis Vuitton Belt For Sale will ensure Gucci Belt Tiger Buckle

A visitor check in vestibule could also be added to the CTE entrance for extra security, in addition to enclosing the walkway from the main school building to the CTE programs.

The second phase will likely be budgeted in the next fiscal year, but could change depending on how the first changes work in the school, Beals said.

"I think that we came up with an outcome that will meet everybody's needs in different ways and continue to be inviting to our community," he said. "They really add a huge element to our operations."

Bisson said she was pleased with the process leading up to the approved upgrades, saying the school district involved all stakeholders, from students and parents to the police and fire departments.

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´╗┐Alvirne High School set for major security upgrade this summer

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HUDSON Alvirne High School will be home to a lot more locked doors next school year after the School Board voted Monday to approve $130,844 in security upgrades.

Bisson said most visitors to the school use that entrance already, so it seemed like a natural fit.

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