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a little bit and called a friend."

The industry goes like this: Companies need tens or hundreds of thousands of copies of a plastic part, anything from a small rubbery trigger guard to the bins which hold your shoes when going through security at the airport, and Hermes Belt Expensive

Electricity was returned to the Amherst building last week and cleanup continues. If rebuilding goes as scheduled the mild winter has helped Poly Ject will be back in operation in south Amherst in two months. Not bad.

"We've only lost 1 percent of our customers, just 1 percent," said Don Tilton, who works sales for the company.

Every step of that process was halted by the fire. Only one lucky break happened: The fire didn't get to the actual molds, which are owned by the clients and not covered by the company's insurance. If these had been destroyed, Poly Ject probably wouldn't have survived.

"I'll be happy when we're back," said Dave Chouinard, Poly Ject's production manager, as he worked a production run on a Proto Part machine on Thursday, after which he would head to Leominster. "Returning will cut my hours in half. My wife will be happy, my kids will be happy."

"If we run short of material, we steal some of Ken's," Tilton joked.

If Poly Ject gets the contract, it designs and machines a metal mold out of industrial grade steel no small task, since these molds are intricate and can weigh hundreds of pounds and then uses them in one of its many molding machines to inject plastic into the mold, creating the parts.

Moge and other Poly Ject employees have been working at the offices of this friendly competitor since the start Louis Vuitton Belt Original

Every small businesses' nightmare is a fire that destroys vital equipment. Poly Ject had two of them in the same weekend, which explains why Shirley Moge's cell phone has racked up 1,976 minutes this month.

"It'll be nice to have a phone conversation by yourself," Steve Thibault said.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

job shops bid to make them.

Even so, the rebirth was no certainty. It was made possible by the Thibaults' long experience in the business and the area; the presence of a cluster of similar companies that could help out; and by fire insurance that will cover the estimated $1.8 million in extra production costs and $1 million in reconstruction costs.

In a way, the rebirth has been aided because of history.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

of February, when two fires in three days caused by electrical problems in an adjoining bakery destroyed 6,000 square feet of the company's 26,000 square foot facility. Worse, the fire destroyed all their tools and office records and cut off all electricity and phones to the building. As a final Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black blow, smoke and water damage harmed virtually all their molding machines.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

As for whether friction has arisen from cohabitation by competitors, who wouldn't mind poaching a few customers or employees from each other, everybody says no although a little ribbing does come up.

"All calls are forwarded to this," said Moge, office manager for the Amherst injection molding firm, waving her cell phone as she worked at a borrowed desk in the offices of Proto Part, a Hudson injection molding firm.

In the front offices, Moge had to largely rebuild the company order sheet from memory, while five Poly Ject managers are jammed into a single conference room.

"It has worked out pretty well," Roche said.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

"For a few minutes you just want to cry," admitted Larry Thibault, who founded the company in 1982 and has operated it at the end of Manhattan Drive, an industrial area just south of Route 101A, since 1994. "Then we calmed down Gucci Belt Canada

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

The two months since then have been hectic, even more than hectic, but Poly Ject has survived.

Joking aside, said Proto Part's boss, having somebody leasing your idle equipment isn't bad, even if it also means they keep borrowing your company tools.

´╗┐Amherst firm uses Hudson competitor's space

"Thank goodness we had replacement insurance," said the Thibault. This is the first time the company has made a claim on its insurance from The Hartford Co.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

The region has so many injection molding companies partly because the plastic industry was virtually created in Leominster, Mass. Companies in that city have for more than a century made products ranging from the first plastic come to Foster Grant sunglasses to the pink flamingo lawn ornament.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

(The bakery where the fire started, which didn't have enough insurance, has not reopened, Thibault said.)

The friend is Ken Roche, president of Proto Part. As it turns out, he had some spare capacity at his facility on Pine Street in south Hudson. By Tuesday, after Saturday morning's fire, Poly Ject employees had shifted into the space and were filling contracts.

"And I come in on the weekend and steal theirs back," Roche responded.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

Still, nothing has been easy. The extra hours continue to pile up, because Proto Part has just five machines available for Poly Ject to use, compared to the 11 it had before the fire, which requires a lot of overtime to meet customer needs. They also have limited storage space in Hudson, so materials need to be constantly driven back and forth. Thibault and his son Steve, co owner of the company, have had to scramble to find other facilities that have extra large machines to meet certain orders, requiring work in Wolfeboro and in Leominster, Mass.

The 20 person company with close to $2 million in sales annually is one of at least a half dozen small companies in Greater Nashua that does injection moulding on a "job shop" basis.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Men Black

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