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Remember, you are building a relationship. The more information about your potential advertiser that you assemble, the easier it will be to match needs and benefits. You are in charge of building the relationship.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

Follow up is Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies critical! After your cold call, send a handwritten thank you note to your potential advertiser thanking him or her for their time, reiterating one or two (no more!) key points, and confirming the time of your next appointment.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

Chuck Nau of Murray Nau, Inc. is a publishing consultant and sales trainer with more than 20 years of corporate media sales, marketing, and management experience with The Seattle Times, Knight Ridder Newspapers, and The Chicago Tribune Company.

It's easy (and fun!) to make cold calls if you warm them up beforehand. How you ask? By visiting you potential advertiser before making the initial sales contact and by being prepared. The 'Recon Mission' strategy can warm up those cold calls, enabling you to be better prepared, and ultimately more successful. On your recon mission, your objective is not to make initial contact or get acquainted, your objective is to gather information, to learn more about, and further qualify your potential advertiser.

Your answers to all of the aforementioned questions will help you plan your strategy and better prepare you for your initial meeting with your potential advertiser's decisionmaker, owner, or manager. Your first meeting, your cold call (and your likelihood for success) is warmer due to the fact that you Hermes Belts For Women

As you walk into your potential advertiser's place of business, ask to speak to the owner or manager. Once that person (or the key decision maker) is identified, address them by name, and introduce yourself, your newspaper, and your intentions (Good morning, Katie. My name is ____, with ______. Do you have a moment to talk about newspaper advertising?). If your prospect says no, ask when a convenient time would be (tomorrow? 2:30?), and set up a subsequent appointment BEFORE you leave. Give your potential advertiser a copy of your paper and a business card.

of this potential advertiser?

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

If your prospect has immediate time available, attempt to direct him/her away from potential interruptions (to the back room or an offsite location). Begin your conversation with informal icebreakers and casually volunteer some of the information you have already gathered (I was in three days ago and noticed.). Don't sell yet! Selling too soon only raises objections. Continue to gather information. Listen to your potential advertiser, listen for needs, and plan to match your newspaper's benefits to your potential advertiser's needs.

Always know and pre plan what your next step'will be to keep the relationship moving forward to a successful partnership between your potential advertiser's business and you and your newspaper.

As you gather your information, a picture of your potential advertiser should begin to form. Did your earlier steps of qualifying this potential advertiser prove accurate? During your recon mission, did you pick up some new ideas or competitive information that will help you with your other clients? Have you begun formulating what benefits your newspaper offers that will match the needs or goals Versace Belt With Silver Medusa Head Buckle

a benefit your newspaper offers (71per cent of our readers are college educated homeowners). Ask questions. Gather information. Remember to keep this first meeting short. Tell your potential advertiser you would like to set up a subsequent appointment to gather more information or to come back with some ideas, suggestions, and recommendations (and proof) showing how your newspaper will meet his/her needs, goals, or basically be a resource to him/her.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

Subsequent columns will explore the next step . the next appointment (the presentation), preventing objections rather than handling objections, developing new business, and building your selling expertise.

In preparation for your cold call, ask yourself what your objective is and what questions you are going to ask, not what you are going to tell or sell. Envision what your potential advertiser will be thinking as you enter his or her place of business. Who is this person? Why are they calling on my business or me? What does this person have to offer to help me with business, being successful, or solving my problems?

As your potential advertiser mentions a need (we want to reach homeowners), match it with Gucci Belts For Men

´╗┐and Achieve Greater Success

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

The 'Recon Mission' takes place at your potential advertiser's place of business. Visit your potential advertiser, look around and walk around (eyes to see ears to hear), asking yourself these questions: What image is this retailer conveying? What's the store's appearance, inside and out? Who are the clientele? What's the customer service like? What is the depth, variety, and look of the merchandise? Is the store signage welcoming (No No No?), promotions prominently displayed, and recent advertising efforts or campaigns displayed?

have some information, you know a little about what your potential advertiser wants to achieve, and you have had the opportunity to at least think through some possible matches between your newspaper's benefits and your potential advertiser's goals. You are confident about what you will achieve during this initial meeting. Be careful, don't be too confident, we're not selling yet. We are still gathering information.

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

Louis Vuitton Belt For Ladies

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