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want people to understand they need to use their local butchers, and fruit and vegetable shops, and me so we can keep going. They would save money and have less waste, and I can offer them free cooking lessons and free advice, and we all benefit.

The barrier helps but it is only closed on Saturdays it makes a big difference and Gucci Belt Pictures

I don't think in a few more years we, independent traders, will be here. The way things are going, unless something changes rapidly, we will be driven out. Councils and the government need to work together and people need to support us, come to the showcase day in Mortimer Street on July 13 and shop locally while we organise more feelgood, fun events to get people in.

Did you always want to work in sales?

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

No, when I left the Frank Montgomery school I went into the motor trade. That was my passion. But by the time I was in my late 20s I was bored of getting covered in muck. I got involved with a guy who sold equipment to the motor trade and then set up my own business doing that, selling to back street garages.

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

people come in and thank us for our efforts. Parking is the really big thing though, and we need more attractions. The more you charge them to park, the less people will come. We all understand the council has to meet its budget, but what would the effects be if all the shops became flats? If we had two hour on street bays and two hours free in the car parks and seafront it would give people time to come in and buy more things.

You now offer cooking classes too where did you learn to cook?

´╗┐Andy Lawrence of the Speciality Food Shop

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

From my wife. When I met her I couldn't fry an egg. I was close to disastrous. My first live in girlfriend could cook but she was not a patch on how Tara cooks. My mum is a plain cook she can do the best roast dinner in the country but Tara's cooking is something different and she got me involved.

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

You campaigned for the barrier at the end of Mortimer Street what else would help?

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Working on the markets was Louis Vuitton Belt Damier my best education. It was the best grounding in how to run a business. If you get it wrong you can get it really wrong with the wrong stock at the wrong price. It taught me to negotiate and how to buy and sell things.

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

We share it. When the children were younger Tara was in charge of the kitchen because I thought I didn't have enough time to do proper cooking, but I soon realised that was a mistake, and one that was costing me money. When we moved from Herne into the town centre I started cooking more and more. Tara is one of those people who can throw anything together and it tastes superb. The sales side of me hates to be beaten so I had to get into it, but I'm still struggling to keep up with her. She is a far better cook than me and the kids are really involved too and that is key to teaching them to try new tastes.

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

After that I had various sales jobs, from direct selling to working on the markets. I always had a lot of involvement with the food businesses because I had friends who worked in it and I started out fixing their vans so they could go and sell their wares. There isn't much I haven't done and I can be very persuasive!

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

How long have you been married?

It was a very aggressive company to work for. I had also spent a lot of my working life in hotels living out of suitcases and I was tired of being on the road and not seeing my kids grow up. I missed a lot of their early years because I was away from home working.

Nine years, but we have been together for much longer. Tara went to a wedding event at Herne Church and came back and told me about it so I said why don't you just book the church for our wedding? It wasn't exactly a romantic proposal.

actually think people could do most of their shopping in Herne Bay it may expose the gaps in the offer but it would be doable. And if more people supported the shops we could open later to make it easier. I Louis Vuitton Belt Reversible

Louis Vuitton Belt Damier

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