Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

But soup is only my first line of defense during the cold winter months. The second is my heated mattress cover. This thing really works! You set it on high a half hour before you climb into bed or sometimes I do it much earlier so I can fantasize for a few hours or maybe even jump in for a quick pre bedtime teaser and when you do settle down no matter how hard you've tried to stifle it, you let out this big, deep, blissful, pampered sigh . aaaaah. Cleopatra didn't have it so good.

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

In fact, I've just realized my electric mattress pad is also made in China, which means all three of my winter weather survival tips have connections to the East.

Some people would find this a weak ingredient for marriage. But when the blues set in as they can this time of year, the temperature dips and the snowflakes start falling if they ever do, I become one of the stressed out among us. And I'm convinced it's those who serve a counterpunch of comfy, chunky vegetable soup who will best survive the daily Mid Atlantic battle with vicious polar bears, wandering caribou and out of control sleds.

One of my favorite movie lines concerns soup. A young buxom blonde is asked what she and her doddering but wealthy husband have in common. She stammers and stumbles until she hits on the only answer clear as consomm : We both love soup.

a sucker for a good bowl of soup. This puts me in an elite category with very old people, Gucci Belt Red Snake

I don't know how this would work with a water bed but I bet you'd feel you were floating in the Caribbean on a raft while being warmed by the tropical sun, all without having to slather on that sticky suntan lotion.

And those of you afraid to spend a night being electrocuted, no worries. You can turn the bed off immediately, hop in, still stay toasty all night long and avoid all those nasty electric currents.

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

I'm a soupie, Gucci Belt On Men

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

My third line of defense is the hardest one to put into practice. Number Three: Get outside and exercise in the cold. That's what the experts say. If you get out for a walk or a bike ride or some Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only yard clean up, your body more easily acclimates to the cold. To make this easier, for the holiday I got a battery powered vest. Make that a "Mobile Warming" vest, the kind of thing Iron Man would wear when he shoots into deep space.

I'd like to visit there to thank them for managing my winter warmth. And maybe I could even learn how to power up my vest. In fact, in the spirit of d tente, isn't it warm somewhere in the East right now? Somewhere essential for good foreign relations between our two very different sides of the world?

´╗┐and other ways to stay warm

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

The vest was a holiday present from my husband who knows the Arctic has nothing on me in winter; you could make an igloo in my chest. The vest, which by the way is surprisingly slimming, has a 7.4 volt rechargeable lithium ion battery said to give 10 full hours of exquisite heat through three panels lined with "steel alloy fiber elements." In other words, forget about making the igloo and get out the eggs for a nice fluffy omelet.

people who don't have teeth, people who find it more musical to slurp than chew, and people who refuse to eat with any utensil that isn't round because it upsets their Ferragamo Belts For Men

Another good reason for East West d tente.

My favorite weapon is a Japanese inspired roasted tofu, Asian vegetable and tasty udon noodle concoction and yes you can email me for a recipe as good as sushi, geishas and Zen.

So far I haven't officially tried it. First, the weather hasn't been frosty enough and second, I can't figure out how to use it. All the directions are in Chinese, and I mean pages and pages of directions. The only thing written in English is "Mobile Warming" which is odd to me. If you speak Chinese, you know all the directions but you don't know what to call the thing. And if you speak English, you know what to call the thing but can't figure out how to use it.

sense of ergonomic. In other words, probably a pretty stressed out grouping of people.

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

Louis Vuitton Belt Buckle Only

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