Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

"You don't have to tell if Belt Lv Men

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

you don't want to."

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

"Yes." Tifa admitted "I know you said you were an experiment but what did they do to you?"

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

"It's Dunhill Belts

Rei closed her eyes as if recalling a bad memory.

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

"You saw my arms." Rei looked to the floor.

Rei took off her left glove and gauntlet to reveal purple blue type of skin and sharpened nails of darker color. It went up to her elbow. Then it started to fade to normal skin. She put the glove and gauntlet back as she continued her story.

Ancient, and she was being Louis Vuitton Belt All Black tracked by the Shinra so she can find the 'Promised Land'.

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

"I'm 56.""Wait, that will be explained later. Anyway, when I was an infant, I was injected with the cells of a demon, in attempts to create a human weapon. My arms are a side effect."

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

"Ok, shoot."

"Oh, it's just you Tifa."

But Shinra made the Sector 7 plate crash and kidnapped Aerith. We went back to Aerith's house for Marlene, Barret's daughter, funny they look nothing alike. Anyway we learned that Aerith is an Hermes Belt Black And Gold

"Hi Rei," she sat down next to her "I've been meaning to ask you something."

´╗┐An Old Friend Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine 2

"What do you mean?"

okay, I'll tell you. But before I begin I have to admit that I was lying about my age."

"When everyone brought you back from the Sector 1 reactor, I tried to see where the injuries were, but they were gone. And when I took off your gauntlets and gloves."

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

But Elmyra, Aerith's 'mother', told us to leave Aerith there in the middle of the night for safety reasons. Aerith caught us and we went to a park. Tifa was on a weird chocobo cart, so long story short, we rescued her from a brothel and Cloud dressed up like a girl (plus he was 'picked' by Corneo) ^^.

The past few days have been quite eventful. I met a flower merchant, Aerith, in a church in Sector 5. Cloud dropped in, literally. We got chased by Turks, and went to Aerith's place to stay she said she would show us back to Sector 7 in the morning because I took the long way around to get to Sector 5 and Cloud has no sense of direction.

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

Now, everyone is napping in a resting room in the Shinra building on the 64th floor gym. I told them taking the stairs was a bad idea.

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

Louis Vuitton Belt All Black

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