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I've enjoyed my system greatly so far. Yes, I'm a tech geek and not an avg consumer. you hit the nail on the head with that BUT that is how innovation starts. Enough people jump on board or get involved, even just making suggestions to the companies that are involved, and that is how it will grow into commonplace. Do you think the future homes, as are portrayed in the movies, will come about without prevalent HA technology? Nope. Its just gonna take baby steps to get there. White is neutral (hot) and Louis Vuitton Belt Justin Bieber

There are also "some" issues with using existing wiring, etc., that need to be addressed. ie., for this sort of thing to take hold, it has to be available, not only for new construction, but also to be retrofitted into existing buildings, without having to rip out walls, etc. It's there, in other forms, it just needs to be adapted for this type of use.

Hermes Belts Red

jbierrieA "techno geek", here or there, yes, but not the average consumer

HVAC: Unless you have a large home requiring multiple HVAC zones/thermostats, and unless parts of the home are unoccupied for varying amounts of time, a programmable thermostat is an adequate solution. Setbacks (eg while you are at work) don't seem to save much money with modern HVAC systems in most US climates.

is .

As consumers, we need to be told what this will do for us in a way that we can understand and see real benefits from. Not to mention, at a price point which is do able for the majority.

Without the second, you will not get the first.

If these 8 year old systems talked to each other well, maybe I could use the motion detectors to automatically turn lights on and off. And maybe I wouldn't be better off using standard internet cameras to monitor security as I travel between homes.

Hermes Belts Red

I don't know whether I've saved any electricity or not I doubt it lol but I have saved a tremendous amount of money on bulbs. EG, there are 11 such bulbs in my kitchen ceiling and they run a minimum of 12 hours per day. I have not replaced a bulb in that set since they were installed over 8 years ago.

Hermes Belts Red

Sadly, I think there are two, very basic, problems with "home automation".

Hermes Belts Red

So, now it's time to choose which protocol to use. X10 is not really a valid option for me, as it is not being developed anymore and lacks feedback. UPB is a niche market for the wealthier crowd, many of whom don't know how else to spend their money, and that's definitely not me either. That only leaves Z wave and Insteon as valid options. If I had to guess, I would say one of these, if not both, will be around for a long time to come. But right now they are both fighting for recognition and market share. For my installation, I chose Insteon due to cost, availability, control options, and robustness.

Lighting: If "security" means cycling lights so the house looks occupied, again simple timers are adequate. Unless you have a large, multi source lighted home, few need automated lighting and "scenes".

Its all cool technology, but as a substantial user and tech lover, I just don't see significant, practical application in most homes.

Please forgive the double post, but I couldn't resist pointing out one savings I learned about from all of this.

removed devices.

I use a lot of 130V bulbs in the fixtures controlled by microprocessor controlled lighting system. Most of these bulbs are also oversized for their purpose, and are therefore set to run at, eg, 60% or 75% of maximum voltage when turned on.

Z wave is a newer protocol and is dependent on wireless signals at 908.42MHz (though that varies slightly depending on the country in which the device is intended for sale). Due to its wireless nature, it has become very popular for refitting older homes with home automation, and since it operates at 900MHz there is no need to worry about wireless network interference. Some of the concerns of Z wave are its proprietary technology, radio congestion with larger deployments, and low tolerance for failed, moved, or Hermes Belt Dimensions

Sadly. The second (to me) is the simple result of no one really outlining what the REAL benefits could be. Sure, we see a bit here or there, but it is about as disjointed as it can be. Until someone decides to truely invest in the idea of HA and promote it accordingly, it will not take root, to any appreciable amount.

´╗┐An Introduction To Home Automation

than "installs like standard electrical hardware." and leave it at that. If they have to ask, they either need to hire someone, or at least get a good book and spend some serious study time! By the way anytime you see a red wire comming out of a box, if you KNOW its a 3 way lighting circut, thats fine, but also be aware that red is also used as "hot" in split phase 220v wiring, so that you've got ground (bare or green), neutral (still white), and TWO hots (black and red), each at 110v AC with respect to neutral, bat out of phase with each other to give a combined 220 v AC. 110v hurts . 220v is a lot more likely to kill.

First With no set "standard" to work with, we (the consumers) are left to piece together a system from a hodge poge of available components. By definition then, an "integrated" system is all but impossible to create, unless you have a fair amount of money to permit not only hardware modifications to be done (and paid for), but also programming / software writing. A "expensive" proposition.

Hermes Belts Red

FYI, I have a large primary residence with a networked security system that also controls multiple thermostats. A dedicated PC has replaced a stand alone DVR to monitor security cameras. A low voltage, microprocessor controlled system controls lighting.

The most common project is to automate lights, thermostat settings, and irrigation, but you can also tie HA (Home Automation) into security systems using extra sensors, triggered lights, or other outputs. Your imagination and creativity may be your only limits. As for me, my budget was the determinant in how far I could go. Nevertheless, this is the story of a real world home automation installation. Some of the options I had to bypass due to monetary constraints included thermostat control, voice interaction, irrigation, and home theater control.

Hermes Belts Red

Hermes Belts Red

In the name of not having any Tom's readers electrocute themselves, I'd reccomed saying nothing more Gucci Belt Men Black

Second The "industry", for all our "talk" does NOT think home automation is even remotely a priority for the "masses". A "techno geek", here or there, yes, but not the average consumer.

Hermes Belts Red

Could any of it be done? I believe so, but I think, at this moment, there is no one company, no group of companies, who will bother. The ROI just is not there.

(b) most applications can be accomplished in most homes with less expensive, individual systems than with any integrated system even if Hermes Belts Red one existed.

Hermes Belts Red

Irrigation: If you have any sprinkler system, once again timers and rain sensors do the job well enough.

Hermes Belts Red

Hermes Belts Red

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