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This really is ridiculous.

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´╗┐And I'm Starting To Get An Attraction

I don't say anything.

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"I'm sorry, Marn."

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is ridiculous. He kisses me again. "Get some sleep," he says, and shuts off the small lamp on his bedside table.

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"Brian?" I say quietly, I turn myself and face him.

Seven days, and two "accidents" later, Brian and I lay in our bed, me in his arms.

"That's all I can say, Marn. I'm sorry. I don't wanna see you cry like this" He doesn't finish his statement. This Hermes Belts For Mens

Tomorrow, is it.

The clock on my bedside table reads 9:07. Brian's still asleep next to me, I slip out from under the covers, then get off the bed from the bottom, being careful not to disturb him.

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"You, you really hurt me tonight, Brian." I tell him, my eyes have tears in them as I slip a hand onto my stomach, over my old bruise that had faded to almost nothing, tomorrow I know it'll be an odd shade of black and green.

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Hermes Belts Mens

sweat shirt on over that. I snatch my cell phone from my dresser, and slide it into my jeans pocket.

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I roll over and face the wall, and my own bedside table with my digital clock. 12:39.

I should keep going, I should keep pushing my limits. But I won't.

"Yes, beautiful?" This can't be him. This can not be the same man who hurts me. He opens his eyes, looking into my own.

I've decided that my decision to just keep my mouth shut isn't really working. But I don't have to talk to Zack about it, I can talk to Brian about it. I know I'm not gonna tell Zack about it.

His lips connect with mine, and he kisses me gently. He pulls back from me, looking at me. I let the tears fall, and hug him tightly.

How can I do this? How can I hug him? He's the one hurting me. "Please, please Louis Vuitton Knot Belt

"Oh, Marn." He says sympathetically, he pulls me closer, and I wince as his grip along my back tightens. My back is probably the only thing that's gone unharmed in the two weeks.

After my small outburst last night, I know he'll get more upset and more upset with me, until you know what. It wasn't even an outburst, outbursts have manic rantings in them. I just couldn't take it anymore.

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"How can you hurt me, Brian? You tell me that you love me, you call me Hermes Belts Mens beautiful, you steal and give me kisses all the time, you hug me, you hold me close. And then what? Then you hurt me." Tears still roll down my cheeks and onto Brian's arm that my head rests on.

I pull on a pair of jeans, and shove my feet into my combat boots not bothering to zip up the inside zippers, the laces are done though. I disregard my t shirt onto the floor, and pull on a clean, red, slightly tight tank top, it was the first thing I could find, then my own Avenged Sevenfold Lv Belt Buckle

"What's wrong, Marn?" He asks and brings his hand to my face, I cringe, shutting my eyes tightly. But he doesn't hit me, his hand lands softly on the side of my face, his thumb caressing my cheek.

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[Synyster Gates] To Many Doses, And I'm Starting To Get An Attraction [Zacky Vengeance] 007

I go into our bathroom, and lift up my sweatshirt and tank top, sure enough a large black and sickly green bruise has formed on my stomach. I look at my face. A bruise is on the right side of my jaw from his punch, along with three cuts. He had punched me so hard I fell down, where the cat got me. Really, no lie. He's never cut me.

don't hurt me anymore." I don't know if I'll even get my words to process in his brain. It doesn't matter. He's my life support, and I hold onto him tighter, he replies and holds onto me tighter as well.

"You're sorry? That's it?" Ok apparently I will keep pushing my limits.

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