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Hermes Belts For Womens

"I pretty much figured it was broken, because every step I took, it got more painful," he said. "But I was out there already. I just wanted to finish and do what I was called in to do."

"I was doing my job," Mitchell said. "But probably at 201 meters, I heard it and I felt it."

Mitchell finished his heat in a more than respectable 46.1 seconds, and the United States tied the Bahamas in the second heat in 2 minutes, 58.87 seconds the fastest time ever run in the first round of the relay at the Olympics.

Mitchell will spend the rest of the Olympics, and beyond, in a walking boot and on crutches. He'll be at the stadium to watch the final Friday. The medals ceremony is Saturday and Mitchell would get one, too, since he ran in the preliminaries.

´╗┐American runner Manteo Mitchell finished his part of 4x400

Hermes Belts For Womens

Hermes Belts For Womens

He knew what the stakes were when he lined up to run the first leg of his first Olympics. The Americans have won gold in the last eight long relays they've entered at the Olympics.

Manteo Mitchell of the United States competes during the Men's 4 x 400m Relay Round 1 heats on Day 13 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium on August 9, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty ImagesThe American sprinter had half a lap to go in the first leg of the 4x400 meter relay preliminaries Thursday and a choice to make: keep running or stop and lose the race. To him, it was never much of a choice.

He said he slipped on the stairs a few days ago in the athletes village but didn't think much of it. Training went well and he felt good when he lined up to kick things off for the Americans. He said he was feeling great, as well, when he looked at the clock while approaching the 200 meter mark, somewhere in the high 20 or low 21 second range.

watch the Americans finish the race and qualify easily for the final. A few hours later, doctors confirmed what he suspected: He had run the last 200 meters Gucci Belt With Flowers

He is the 2012 version of Jack Youngblood, the Rams linebacker who played the Super Bowl on a broken leg. Open on a broken leg. women at the 1996 Atlanta Games.

Hermes Belts For Womens

"Even though track is an individual sport, you've got three guys depending on you, the whole world watching you," Mitchell said. "You don't want to let anyone down."

Hermes Belts For Womens

off the track Thursday. "As soon as he came to Western Carolina, no matter what the situation, he'd do anything we asked of him."

"I don't know how you write this, but I'd like to believe the only way he Hermes Belts For Womens would have stopped is if the leg had fallen off," Williamson said.

Hermes Belts For Womens

Forgive him if he doesn't leap onto the podium, though.

with a broken left fibula.

Western Carolina coach Danny Williamson saw Mitchell finish second several times to a future Olympian, Travis Padgett, and offered a scholarship.

On the world's biggest stage, Mitchell took the team first thing to a whole new level.

"He was a team person here," said Williamson, who received the first call from Mitchell after he got Hermes Belts Mens

Hermes Belts For Womens

"I heard it and I felt it," Mitchell told The Associated Press. "But I figured it's what almost any person would've done in that situation."

Hermes Belts For Womens

Hermes Belts For Womens

Hermes Belts For Womens

He credited something more than simple adrenaline for pushing him the rest of the way around the track.

"Faith, focus, finish. Faith, focus, finish. That's the only thing I could say to myself," he said. He broke his left arm, and his coaches seeing the natural talent pushed him over to the track.

He finished the lap and limped to the side to Gucci Belt Supreme

Hermes Belts For Womens

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