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Hermes Belts 2018

Hermes Belts 2018

Hermes Belts 2018

A recovering drug user, he has dedicated the past 10 years of his life to helping steer young people away from a life of drugs, crime and gang culture.

Mum Karen Doller, of Clifton, said: "Elly just gets on with life and wants to be like any normal teenager. Obviously she has her mobility challenges and she's still getting used to her disability, but she's learnt to deal with it amazingly."

"But obviously it's very nice to be recognised for what I do."

Rumbletums was originally opened to address a lack of support in the local area for youngsters with learning disabilities.

Jeff, 59, said he was "honoured" to be recognised for his work. He added: "I was surprised to be nominated, to be honest and a little bit embarrassed!

Elly, who is now in remission and uses a prosthetic leg, has already been making waves in the swimming pool.

Hermes Belts 2018

Hermes Belts 2018

"Everything I've achieved has been a joint effort with lots of other people.

In 2004, he founded Real United Football Club a group for 11 to 24 year olds from some of the most deprived areas of inner city Nottingham.

It is now Jeff's dream to extend this support to the entire Kimberley community.

Hermes Belts 2018

The club provides mentoring and workshops on drugs, knife and gun crime, gangs, Buy Gucci Belt

He said: "My aim is to make Rumbletums a 'community hub'.

He said: "I was in shock as there are many other people doing far more than I've done. It is an honour to be Hermes Belts 2018 recognised."

Hermes Belts 2018

education and employment.

Several of the participants have also been offered work placements with Mercedes Benz.

Hermes Belts 2018

Hermes Belts 2018

His aim was to Ferragamo Belt Pictures

Roger, who grew up in St Ann's, said he was "humbled" to even be nominated for the award.

provide them with positive opportunities and keep them off the streets.

In July 2011, Jeff helped open Rumbletums Cafe in Kimberley, a social enterprise designed to provide work and training for young people with learning disabilities.

offers paid employment for many people who work there.

´╗┐and a passion to help others in the community

Hermes Belts 2018

"We've already made it into a drop off point for Eastwood Food Bank and have also set up a parent and toddler group, and there are other projects in the pipeline.

Bringing people together is also a passion for Jeff Buck.

Good Neighbour JEFF BUCK Sponsor: April King

Firmly at the heart of the community in Kimberley, he has changed countless people's lives for the better.

Hermes Belts 2018

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