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Before those votes count, the Travis County voter registrar, and then the Democratic and Republican parties' ballot boards, have to review the ballots. If the ballots were cast by eligible, registered voters, they will count.

Eckhardt has 12,183 early votes, or 53.37 percent of the votes counted so far. Andy Brown trails with 10,645 votes, or about 46.7 percent. Those early voting returns are expected to be about half the total turnout. to give voters extra time after bad weather delayed opening the polls for four hours.

Hermes Belt With Horse

Hermes Belt With Horse

Earlier: Sarah Eckhardt holds a comfortable lead among early voters in the Democratic primary for Lv Belt Ladies

Hermes Belt With Horse

´╗┐Andy Brown concedes in Travis County

Hermes Belt With Horse

"I am grateful for his phone call, but I'm still waiting for the final tallies," Eckhardt said. "Plus there is November."

early voting ballots and Eckhardt led with 53.5 percent of the vote to Brown's 46.5 percent.

Neither candidate was ready to declare anything in the race.

The county judge chairs the tax rate setting, road and park building Travis County Commissioners Court. The new judge would inherit a commissioners court that sets the budget and tax rate for a growing county at a time when affordability has become an increasing concern.

in office since 1998, is retiring at the end of his term this year.

Eckhardt, a former county commissioner, and Brown, the former county Democratic party chairman, are running to take the open seat. The victor would face Republican county judge candidate Mike McNamara in November.

Hermes Belt With Horse

Hermes Belt With Horse

Hermes Belt With Horse

Eckhardt, a former county commissioner, had 54.9 percent of the vote, winning both the early vote and doing even better on Election Day, beating out former Democratic party chairman Andy Brown. are provisional votes and need to be certified by election and party officials. The county elections office said it expects to complete that process by Thursday, leaving the final tally for the race up in the air until then. counted, Eckhardt had 24,274 votes to Brown's 19,952.

About 1,000 Election Day votes in the Democratic primary were counted in Hermes Belt With Horse addition to about 23,000 Hermes Belt Womens

Travis County judge.

With 94 percent of voting locations reporting results, Eckhardt was leading Brown 54.8 percent to 45.2 percent.

Hermes Belt With Horse

Hermes Belt With Horse

Hermes Belt With Horse

"We are cautiously optimistic. We have to wait until the final numbers are tallied," Eckhardt said.

This is the first competitive primary for the seat since 1998. County Judge Sam Biscoe, Versace Belts For Women

Eckhardt faces Republican opponent Mike McNamara in the general election, as well as three third party candidates.

Hermes Belt With Horse

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