Hermes Belt With H Buckle

chip, or cracker.

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Hermes Belt With H Buckle

lots of calories: 408 per cup.

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

Just combine 1 can of chickpeas, 1/4 cup tahini, garlic to taste (try 1 2 cloves), 2 tablespoons olive oil, and the juice of half a lemon in a food processor or blender, and whirl until smooth.

Homemade Is a Home RunIt's convenient to buy a plastic container of hummus at the store, but you'd be surprised at how easy it is to whip up at home. You'll save a few bucks and know exactly what's in your hummus.

You're not going to eat a whole Versace Belt Lion

Avoid an Oil SpillIf you order hummus in a restaurant, it's likely to be garnished with olive oil, which adds another 124 calories per tablespoon. A well made hummus is rich and delicious enough to stand on its own. Ask your server to hold the slick stuff.

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

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Hermes Belt With H Buckle

Eating more plant foods is good for you. People who make that a habit are less likely to get certain diseases. Of course, lots of things affect your health there's no miracle food but a little hummus wouldn't hurt.

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

Be a Better DipperThe classic partner for hummus is pita bread, usually in wedges made of white flour.

Garlic and olive oil are two of the best known and most studied ingredients. They're both part of the famously good for you Mediterranean Diet. These zesty seasonings give hummus its great flavor.

Instead, pair your dip with a 100% whole grain pita. You'll add fiber and vitamins to your lunch.

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

cup of hummus, are you? Like anything else, you need Hermes Belt With H Buckle to watch your serving size. You can get too much of a good thing.

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

Tip: You can adjust the proportions of the ingredients to taste, depending on how strong you want the flavor to be and how thick you like your hummus. Start with less liquid than you think you might need. You can always add more as you blend it, but if you add too much, you've got a sauce, not a dip.

Portion ControlThere's plenty of nutrition packed goodness in every scoop of hummus. There are also Gucci Belt High Quality Replica

Healthy IngredientsChickpeas, hummus's main ingredient, give you protein, good for you carbs, and fiber. Like other members of the legume family, they routinely top lists of the world's healthiest foods.

Even better: Serve your hummus with veggies like cucumber slices, carrot spears, and red pepper wedges. You'll get even more nutrition without adding as many calories as a bread, Hermes Belt Amazon Uk

Hermes Belt With H Buckle

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