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Brown emphasized that it's the Democrats who want this primary to get nasty, adding a united Republican Party would be Shaheen's "worst nightmare."

Translation: Brown and Rubens aren't anti abortion, and Brown's support for gun control measures have already been well documented in this race.

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Smith picked up some statesmanship points of his own, scolding Rubens for trying to make Brown the bad guy for having served in the Senate at the dawn of the Veterans Affairs scandal over veterans not getting timely health care.

one to have signed the GOP unity pledge, Brown opened and ended the encounter praising the field as "three good, principled men," all of Louis Vuitton Belt Damier Azur

´╗┐and looking for an NH champion

whom would do a better job, in his mind, than Sen.

What's more noteworthy, however, was that two Senate Republicans got "F" and two got "D."

Hermes Belt Thin H Buckle

Hermes Belt Thin H Buckle

Clearly, Smith and Rubens won by getting on the same stage with Brown and finally having the chance to open up on him.

"I am a principled conservative leader," he said. "The facts are the facts. I am pro gun, pro life and anti tax."

He also had the stinging quote of the entire affair.

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"Scott, you voted for President Obama 70 percent of the time, and people are asking, Why did you come here?" Rubens said the first time he got the chance to speak.

best score among them was for Donna Soucy, D Manchester, who came in at 33 percent.

As the only Hermes Belt Images

Bradley has no primary opponent, while Stiles and Boutin aren't so lucky. Rep. Jane Cormier, R Alton, is moving to Hooksett to take on Boutin, and North Hampton businessman Steve Kenda is taking on Stiles.

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Anyone who spends half an hour with Rubens knows this is a candidate not built for sound bytes; his "fresh, bold solutions" are nine points long on some issues.

The tight time frame and the able work of moderator Josh McElveen made it difficult for Scott Brown, Jim Rubens or Bob Smith to steal the show during the taping on Friday.

That would be the case again when the AFP puts its rankings out formally in the near future.

Actually, the biggest winner was the Hearst Corp. owned, Manchester based ABC TV affiliate.

One was left wondering why Brown, the former Massachusetts senator who is the clear front runner, had delayed one of these from coming off.

Those who flunked were first term Sen. Nancy Stiles, R Hampton, and retiring Sen. Bob Odell, R New London.

But they scored in their own right, as well. senator who hasn't won an election in New Hampshire in 18 years and hasn't really lived in the state for more than a decade.

Was the Republican unity pledge that GOP State Chairwoman Jennifer Horn pursued a moderate Republican wing conspiracy to hand the Senate nomination to Brown?

"Did you move here because you couldn't get elected in the state of Massachusetts?"

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Don't look for a ton of substance, but the temperature of this already hot medium during this forum soars, which makes for entertaining TV.

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The two who were just a cut above that with "D's" Hermes Belt Thin H Buckle were Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R Wolfeboro, and Sen. David Boutin, R Hooksett.

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Hermes Belt Thin H Buckle

But in the main, Rubens gave more crisp answers to McElveen's questions.

It's rare when every participant in a political forum is a winner. Sunday.

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He did come across as the statesman, appropriately placed in the middle of the three in the WMUR studio watching as Rubens and Smith ping ponged rhetorical bombs at him.

One would expect that any annual rating of the New Hampshire Legislature by the fiscally conservative, Koch Brothers financed Americans for Prosperity isn't going to go well for Democrats.

All 11 Democrats in the state Senate got grades of "F." The Hermes Belt Black And Red

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