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Her story mirrors Jeannette's: To minimize losses she leaves the air conditioner and lights off for as long as possible. She is also considering another option subletting a portion of her store.

Hermes Belt New

Marta Gutierrez walked through the isles of Karry's, shirts and pants folded over one arm. Winter clothes for my kids, she said.

marked down 50 percent.

Instead of dropping hundreds of the latest fashions, shoppers are spending their dollars on discount clothing. In some cities, the shift Hermes Belt New has thrust stores that depend on donations, like the Goodwill, into uncharted waters where demand could outpace inventory.

"We've been super bad all summer long," admitted Jeannette Licona, manager of Aylin's Corner Shop. "We were hoping once school started and people got back on their feet, things would pick up."

"How long has it been slow?" Jeannette asked an employee. Neither could remember.

Perez said high rents only add to the problem.

Jeannette is the pregnant mother of two and a student at UTB TSC.

That has not been the case in Brownsville.

Francisco Perez is owner of Rio Grande Store, a fabric and tapestry shop on Washington Street. He relies on his regular customers, but after 40 years of operating downtown, he said times have never been tougher.

"When the peso devaluation hit, we could offer a discount and people would still buy," Perez said. "Today, with a discount, people aren't buying."

there has been a steady decline dating back several years. Now, come tax time, she relies on her tax refund.

She says Aylins Corner Chop brings in just enough to pay the bills. To cut her losses, she asked her parents, who own Lusylette, a repo furniture store next door, to assume ownership of Alyin's. Lusylette has not fared much better. A hand written sign taped in the window announces that all patio furniture has been Women Gucci Belt

"I tried to sell new cloths, but they want name brands," Lorena said.

"They want $4,500 a month," he said, motioning to a vacant building across the street.

The current environment is perhaps worse than the peso devaluation a generation ago, he added.

"I've always bought downtown," Gutierrez admitted. "It's just more economic, and the quality is better."

Hermes Belt New

From Matamoros, Gutierrez represents the majority of downtown shoppers, Lorena said.

Hermes Belt New

Jeannette opened her store nearly five years ago. At first, she envisioned a store that sold kitsch purses, jewelry and accessories, but her merchandise didn't sell at least enough to turn a profit. A few Lv Belt Brown

Hermes Belt New

Farther down the block, Lorena Licona runs Karry's, a vintage and used clothing store.

After a quick calculation, he said, "You'd have to make $375 per day just to pay the rent. That's just for rent, not the air conditioner or anything else."

But earlier this week, Gutierrez was among less that six shoppers at Karry's. economy. But that's not the only problem, Guitierrez said. Long lines at the border and greater scrutiny from border agents have discouraged many from shopping in Brownsville.

´╗┐and some say times have never been tougher

Ask around and you'll find the pressures are manifold, not the least of which is the discount superstore Ross, according to Christina Licona, owner of El Cid.

When she opened for business 16 years ago, she fared well, even managing to owe taxes. However, Hermes Belt For Mens

Hermes Belt New

Hermes Belt New

The financial crisis that has gripped Wall Street is being felt by consumers on Main Street, forcing consumers to change their behaviors in myriad ways, not the least of which is where they buy clothes. It has been widely reported that Goodwill Enterprises and the Salvation Army have witnesses record customer traffic.

Hermes Belt New

Once she completes her degree, there won't be much incentive to keep her business going, Jeannette said.

Hermes Belt New

If anything, Jeannette added, things have gotten worse. Despite a tightening economy and its proximity to the University of Texas Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, many store owners in downtown Brownsville say business has hit an all time low.

Hermes Belt New

"(Customers) say why should I pay $7 for a used shirt when I can spend the same for a new and a name brand shirt at Ross?" Christina said.

weeks ago, she introduced a couple rows of clothing in the hopes of attracting customers. So far it hasn't.

Hermes Belt New

The infrastructure is already in place.

Hermes Belt New

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