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Hermes Belt Men Original

The menu changes each month and is made up of a Lv Mens Belt

Both The Haven and Crescent Heights said they use the dollar per box to buy food or Angel Food boxes for their food pantry, which they then give to people in need. Berry said the local Kiwanis, a Sunday school class at Clyde First Baptist and several individuals have caught the vision and order extra food boxes they donate to The Haven each month.

Hermes Belt Men Original

Hermes Belt Men Original

´╗┐Angel Food Ministries helping families eat affordably

"Our first month, we took orders for 199 boxes and 158 our second, so it seems to be a concept people are interested in, and we think it will continue to grow as people talk about it," said Cosper.

The convenience boxes are nutritionally balanced, pre cooked meals that take the dietary needs of senior adults into consideration.

Today, they estimate over 500,000 families receive food from 4,800 host sites in 35 states.

combination of fresh, frozen and packaged foods. They also offer "specialty boxes" of steak, pork, chicken and various other items and "senior or convenience boxes."

According to Blair, using Angel Food has not only saved money but also time.

Joe and Daisy Blair were looking for an inexpensive way to feed their family healthy meals when they discovered Angel Food Ministries at Beltway Park Baptist Church in Abilene a couple of months ago.

Hermes Belt Men Original

According to Sharon Cosper, Angel Food coordinator at Beltway Park Baptist Church, although the ministry is new to their congregation, they seem to be jumping at the idea of saving money and eating healthier.

on time spent grocery shopping, lowered my grocery costs, and it forces me to cook different things since the menu changes each month, which our kids have enjoyed," she said.

Several Abilene area churches participate in the nonprofit, nondenominational ministry, which was founded in 1994 by Pastors Joe and Linda Wingo in Monroe, Ga., to offer assistance to 34 local families who were affected by an industrial plant closing. Soon churches across the state, and eventually the nation, began to hear about Angel Food and asked to be a part of the program.

Hermes Belt Men Original

"Regardless of their economical status, everyone can benefit from stretching money as far as possible," she said.

They decided try out the bulk food supply program, which has no income guidelines.

"It's great that money from our orders goes to Kingdom purposes to help others," she said.

Blair said she and husband, Joe, strive to be good stewards of their finances and freeing up extra money was part of their motivation in using Angel Food. They "plan to use some of the money we save to bless others, so it definitely serves two purposes," she added.

Hermes Belt Men Original

One regular box is reported to feed a family of four for a week, and a convenience box provides 10 meals that only need to be heated before serving. Angel Food has also added "allergen free" selections that avoid the use of peanuts, milk, eggs, gluten and other known allergens.

"The food is a blessing to those who purchase, but the host church also makes one dollar per box sold, which they can, in turn, use to bless others," she said.

Hermes Belt Men Original

it's something everyone can benefit from."

Blair said initially she had been concerned about boxes containing items her family may not like. So far, it hasn't been an issue. In fact, Blair said one box contained English peas Hermes Belt Men Original something she never buys herself. But when Cutter, her 4 year old son, saw the peas, he surprised mom by getting excited and jumping around the room.

However, Angel Food Ministry's reputation and integrity may be under scrutiny. In February, the FBI executed a search warrant and began an investigation of Angel Food Ministries. Although the FBI has not revealed the exact nature of the search or investigation, Ronn Torossian, a public relations strategist and spokesman for Angel Food, has offered a possible reason for the investigation in a recent interview with The York Daily Record.

Hermes Belt Men Original

Darla Richardson, director of community ministries at Crescent Heights, said Angel Food provides a benefit to people of any social status or economical situation.

Getting the word out continues to be one of the biggest challenges. Berry said the "biggest misconception about Angel Food is that it is only for the needy, when the opposite is true. While it is a great way to help those in need, Hermes Belt Womens

Growing economic concerns have many Big Country residents looking for creative ways to cut back on expenses, and some have found a way to save money and eat healthier by ordering groceries through Angel Food Ministries.

"It cuts down Hermes Belt Buckle Gold

Locally, there are about 350 boxes of food dropped off monthly at two drop off centers, and then distributed at five host locations in the Big Country. The Angel Food Web site lists Crescent Heights Baptist and South Pointe churches in Abilene, First Baptist Church of Buffalo Gap and Promise Helpers in Clyde as local hosts. Beltway Park Baptist also recently started offering Angel Food to its congregation and was approved on Wednesday as a new host location.

Hermes Belt Men Original

Blair was pleasantly surprised to find that her purchase has a direct impact on local food pantries and helps people in need.

"Angel Food Ministries believes that this is an investigation of an individual or individuals connected to the organization, and not regarding the ministry itself, its service to the public or its host sites in any way," Torossian said.

Hermes Belt Men Original

An allergen free food box is $25.

In addition to the personal benefits, Donna Berry of The Haven, an outreach of Promise Helpers Ministries in Clyde, said there are other blessings for those ordering through Angel Food.

The premise of the ministry is purchasing food from suppliers in bulk with consumers benefiting from the savings. By purchasing in bulk, Angel Food states they can buy approximately $65 of nutritious food in a box for $30.

Hermes Belt Men Original

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