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Attend prayers The school will end at noon on Fridays so that children can attended prayers at one of the six local mosques.

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Hermes Belt Men New

The prospectus suggests the school will deploy "scientifically approved" and "theological endorsed" techniques to repair the damage Hugo Boss Belt

Hermes Belt Men New

per pupil, and minimum wage salaries being offered to teachers and assistants, will leave school governors reliant on donations and unpaid volunteers to cover

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A Southampton City Council spokesperson: "We have received notification of a proposal for an independent school serving primary age children. We have

to tackle extremism, found an Islamic school was "one of the top needs for the Muslim community".

´╗┐An Islamic education on the timetable From Daily Echo

"It's still very much in the early stages," he said.

The Cultural Centre on the corner of Northumberland Road and St Alban's Road in St Mary's is one of four sites earmarked for the school, called Fitra SIPS (Southampton Islamic Primary School).

a shortfall in income of up to 1m.

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The Department for Children Schools and Families (DCSF) confirmed an application had been made to register the independent Muslim primary school.

Mr Al Korj, 38, a leading figure in the Muslim Council of Southampton, said a recent report for Southampton City Council, which looked at ways

asked for more information from the local community but any decision regarding the establishment of independent schools rests with central government."

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Hermes Belt Men New

The school will cover "most of the topics" on the national curriculum, however some unspecified areas of concern, will be adapted or replaced with Islamic alternatives, or ditched.

There are 11 state Muslim schools and 118 on the DCSF's register of independent schools, just under half of which for primary school age. None are south of Greater London.

But Mr Al Korj cautioned much planning still had to be done to work out the detail of curriculum, policies and procedures of the fledgling school, and to recruit staff.

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Hermes Belt Men New

A promotional website predicted "very heavy demand" for its 63 spaces, which will be offered on a "first come first service" basis.

Pupils will be taught Hermes Belt Men New to understand and speak Arabic and curriculum will be based on mainstream Sunni Islam, the largest of the two schools of the religion originating from a historic row over who

If it is given the all clear by education watchdog Ofsted it could open as early as the new academic year in September, however planning permission may be required.

the belief that "Islamic education has to be combined with academic education, for the child to be truly successful."

Hermes Belt Men New

Census figures for 2001 show 1.9 per cent of Southampton's population identify their religion as Muslim, rising to as high as 11.8 per cent in the city centre Bevois ward.

It says the school will be based on Versace Belt Medusa

It is appealing to the city's Muslim community to "adopt" one of six qualified teachers being recruited, through sponsorship.

However the fees, around 1,700 a year Louis Vuitton Belt Checkered

should succeed the prophet Mohammed.

done to the pupils Fitra, or "innate human nature".

Hermes Belt Men New

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