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Faulkner may have never gone pro or been drafted to the majors, but in his almost 20 years playing senior hockey then referred to as amateur hockey Faulkner had no shortage of accomplishments. He won two Herder Memorial Trophies with the Cats, and when one year the Cataracts didn't have a team he won a third with the Stephenville Jets. He also represented his league, the Newfoundland Amateur Hockey Association, multiple times at the Allan Cup both with his own teams and with other teams in the league that wanted his talent on their roster.

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"I was surprised by it, (because) it's been quite a while since I stopped playing competitive hockey, but it was a nice surprise," he said. "I sort of feel humbled to be put in the same category because I know a lot of the guys that have been inducted previous to me and to be recognized in the same caliber hockey as those guys is a nice surprise."

"I realized hockey in a lot of ways is like life," he said. "If you don't miss any practices and you show up all the time, that's going to give you an edge on the guy that's going to go to half the practices. What you get out of it is what you put into it."

"In the last minute I scored another goal and beat them 5 4," said Faulkner. "That was Hermes Belt Blue And Gold

she just let me play," he said. "She came to most of our games at home and went on a lot of road trips too when we were playing on the road."

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Faulkner may have played with the Cats for less than two decades, but from that time he has acquired a lifetime of good memories.

"The Jets had us down 3 0 halfway through the game and, then the last 10 minutes of the second period I got three goals myself and tied the game," Faulkner said,

Faulkner said he feels lucky to have gotten the opportunity to play hockey with so many great men over his career, and that he is still healthy enough to enjoy the game even to this day. He said playing the game has given him many benefits from friends, to fitness and even some life lessons.

´╗┐Among the greats

He then scored a fourth goal in the third period for the lead, but with just one and a half minutes left, Stephenville tied it.

me, she knew I was passionate about hockey and Ferragamo Belt Dust Bag

"My wife and I we just celebrated our 38th anniversary on June 12. If I wanted to play hockey she always backed Ferragamo Belt Buckle Real

Some of the Newfoundland and Labrador greats that had been inducted before him include his three uncles as well as his brother. Faulkner's father also played with the Cataracts for a number of years.

One of Faulkner's favourite memories was a game the Cats played in Stephenville against the Jets one freezing winter evening. Faulkner said it sticks out in his mind for two reasons, one being that their bus broke down briefly on the way, the second is what transpired during the second half of the game.

His unwavering dedication to his team for many years, and the talent he brought to it is what earned Faulkner a spot in the Newfoundland and Labrador Hockey Hall of Fame. He was officially inducted in the 'player' category earlier this month at Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador's annual general meeting and awards ceremony in Gander.

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Hermes Belt Men Black

Hermes Belt Men Black

"When I heard about tryouts, I thought 'well I'll get a free skate at least," Faulkner said, "So I took my hockey gear and went to the rink."

It was his overall enjoyment of the game and the camaraderie he felt amongst his teammates that kept him dedicated for the many years he played.

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"First and foremost I enjoy Hermes Belt Men Black playing hockey, I wouldn't miss a game wouldn't miss a practice, I was very passionate about it, wanted to be there all the time," he said. "And the years playing with the same guys all the time they become your lifetime friends."

Hermes Belt Men Black

Hermes Belt Men Black

Hermes Belt Men Black

Hermes Belt Men Black

A Bishop's Falls native, Faulkner didn't have access to the vast and extensive minor hockey programs available even in small communities today. He loved the game, and he learned to play it with friends on a frozen pond.

a five goal record game and as far as I know the record still stands, that's something that stays in your mind."

"You had to do a lot of juggling especially if you wanted to play all the games and not miss any practices, and most of the guys at that time did have daytime jobs," he said, adding he was lucky to have a family that supported his pastime.

Though he has been retired from competitive hockey for many years, Faulkner still plays in four nights a week in recreational leagues in Alberta, where he lives during the winter months. He said the nomination and subsequent induction came as a surprise.

"(My brother) Gene was my right winger and I played centre, he was my right winger for pretty much all the years that I played," said Faulkner

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