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More recently, information control has reached new heights. Access to public events is now restricted. Photographers and videographers have been replaced by hand out photos and footage shot by the prime minister press office and blitzed out to newsrooms across Canada. It getting tougher to find an independent eye recording history, a witness seeing things how they really happened not how politicians wish they happened. Did cabinet ministers grimace while they tasted seal meat in the Arcticlast summer? Canadians will never know. Photographers were barred from the fake photo op.

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Under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the flow of information out of Ottawahas slowed to a trickle. Cabinet ministers and civil servants are muzzled. Access to Information requests are stalled and stymied by political interference. Genuine transparency is replaced by slick propaganda and spin designed to manipulate public opinion.

Hermes Belt Light Brown

Friday giggle. a spokesperson who emails me "on background" and then says: I can answer your question. a bit of gallows humour about a problem that began as a minor annoyance for reporters working on Parliament Hill in Ottawaand has grown into a genuine and widespread threat to the public right to know.

Hermes Belt Light Brown

Hermes Belt Light Brown

quality of factual information provided to the public has declined steadily. Civil servants scientists, doctors, regulators, auditors and policy experts, those who draft public policy and can explain it best to the population cannot speak to the media. Instead, reporters have to deal with an armada of press officers who know very little or nothing at all about a Hermes Belt Light Brown reporter topic and who answer tough questions with vague talking points vetted by layers of political staff and delivered by email only.

This breeds contempt and suspicion of government. How can people know the maternal health initiative has been well thought out or that the monitoring of aboriginal bands has been done properly if all Canadians hear is: us have been loath to complain about this problem. But this needs to change. This is not about deteriorating working conditions for journalists. It about the deterioration of democracy itself.

Hermes Belt Light Brown

In the end, that means Canadian only get a sanitized and staged version of history not the real history.

Those hand out shots are, unfortunately, widely used by media outlets, often without the caveat that they are not real journalism.

Most Canadians are aware of the blacked out Afghan detainee documents and the furor over MPs secret expenses. But the Hermes Belt Black Gold

Meanwhile, the Gucci Belt Tiger

In addition, the Access to Information system has been "totally obliterated by delays and denials, according to a scathing report by the country information commissioner. Requests are met with months long delays, needless censoring and petty political interference the most cringe worthy recent example involves a bureaucrat forced to make a mad dash to the mailroom to rescue a report on Canada real estate holdings after a senior political aide ordered the report

Finally, we are asking editors to devote the time and money it takes to dig beyond the stage managed press conferences to get to the real story.

Hermes Belt Light Brown

It been four years since Harper muzzled his cabinet ministers and forced reporters to put their names on a list during rare press conferences in hopes of being selected to ask the prime minster a question. It not uncommon for reporters to be blackballed, barred from posing questions on behalf of Canadians.

We are also calling on journalists to explain better to readers and viewers just how little information Ottawahas provided for a story. Every time a minister refuses to comment, a critical piece of information is withheld or an access request is delayed, Canadians deserve to know.

The result is a citizenry with limited insight into the workings of their government and a diminished ability to hold it accountable. As journalists, we fear this Gucci Belt Red And Gold

problem runs much deeper.

´╗┐and what journalists should do about it

Hermes Belt Light Brown

will mean more government waste, more misuse of taxpayer dollars, more scandals Canadians won know about until it too late.

This is not about ideology or partisanship on the part of journalists. Journalists aren looking to judge the policies of the Conservative government. Rather, we want to ensure the public has enough information to judge for themselves.

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Journalists are your proxies. At our best, we ask the questions you might ask if you had a few minutes with your prime minister or with Environment Canada top climatologist. When we can get basic information, we can hold your government to account on your behalf. In order to have a genuine debate about matters of national interest, people need information. In order for citizens to be involved and engaged and make smart choices at voting time, they need information. It time we got some.

Hermes Belt Light Brown

Hermes Belt Light Brown

Politicians should not get to decide what information is released. This information belongs to Canadians, the taxpayers who paid for its production. Its release should be based on public interest, not political expediency.

The article below is available to CNA/CCNA member newspapers for publication. If you have any questions please contact Canadian Association of Journalists president Mary Agnes Welch at 204 697 7590 or H Buzetti of the parliamentary press gallery at 613 688 4011.

Last month, reporters gathered in Montrealat the Canadian Association of Journalists conference to discuss these issues. On behalf of our members, we are calling on journalists to stand together and push back by refusing to accept vague email responses to substantive questions that require an interview with a cabinet minister or a senior civil servant. We are also asking journalists to stop running hand out photos and video clips.

A few weeks ago, many journalists nodded knowingly at this Tweet by Canadian Press reporter Jennifer Ditchburn.

Hermes Belt Light Brown

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