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Amy still attends her weekly Slimming World class at Ellis Guilford School in Basford as she half a pound from her target weight half a pound is cursing me, she says but six weeks ago she also started hosting her own group at Dunkirk and Lenton Community Centre.

There also food such as salad, fruit, vegetables and even pasta, as well as extras like wholemeal bread, cereals and milk, which can be added in moderation.

find it really easy to stick to. In social situations I don sit there thinking there nothing I can have. I also always snacking on stuff.

Hermes Belt For Ladies

´╗┐Amy Underwood on how Slimming World helped her lose weight

Now that she building up her own group she hopes she be able to help more people achieve their weight loss goals and as she knows how it feels she won judge.

also give advice about what someone can do in order to make the right choices if they going out for a meal that week. It was going out to restaurants that was Amy downfall when it came to piling on the pounds.

She believes that, as someone who slimming herself, she can relate to how members feel.

Hermes Belt For Ladies

Hermes Belt For Ladies

Amy says: involves eating a lot of fruit, vegetables, salads and lean meat but also pasta, rice and potatoes.

This is the part of the group which Amy particularly enjoys hosting.

for the group is the key. Talking and sharing what you doing really helps. Just coming to get weighed isn what it about, the value comes from sharing it with other people, says Amy.

use exercise to complement my diet. You don have to do exercise on Slimming World but I do a lot of walking day to day and I also joined a gym which I trying to make sure I go to. The principal behind Slimming World used to be red and green days on red days the diet should be made up of protein and on green days the diet is carbohydrate heavy. These days there also what they call Optimising which involves both protein and carbohydrates.

Hermes Belt For Ladies

size 12 jeans last week and I don think I ever been a size 12. It so exciting to me! she says.

September I joined Slimming World and from then I thought that I like to help other people. You really can understand how people feel when they first come and join. The 30 year old recruitment consultant from the city centre decided to go to Slimming World after seeing her mum lose two stone on the Hermes Belt For Ladies plan.

She says: so daunting to walk in a room and not know anyone. You feel like everyone will turn and look at you but it not like that at all. Even in my group which is new, people are already Louis Vuitton Belt White And Gold

She says: wasn eating anything particularly healthy. I had a lot of takeaways and meals out. Although she still likes to treat herself, she tries to make more sensible decisions when eating out or selecting from a takeaway menu choosing tomato based dishes instead of ones laden with cream and butter.

never went hungry and lost 5lb in my first week, and received my half stone award in my first two weeks.

Hermes Belt For Ladies

Hermes Belt For Ladies

Hermes Belt For Ladies

Hermes Belt For Ladies

so lovely to hear a member share a recipe they did at the weekend I love lasagne and I found a Slimming World recipe for lasagne which is just amazing for me.

Hermes Belt For Ladies

guarantee if you follow this plan you will lose weight without going hungry. The biggest reward for Amy has been slimming down to a size that she never imagined she be.

was also snacking on chocolate and doughnuts, whereas now I would go for fruit first. I do still have chocolate but I make sure that I have it so I stay on plan. I still go out for meals but I make sure I keep it on plan, she says.

friendly and chatty. As well as weighing members and setting targets, Slimming World also involves group discussions where people chat about how they doing and swap ideas. Hermes Belt Buckle Gold

bought myself some Lv Damier Belt

Hermes Belt For Ladies

both go to a group together. She lost a lot of weight and I thought if mum can do it then so can I, she says.

Hermes Belt For Ladies

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