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Wendy Davis has done morethan justmeet the credibility threshold, she has sprinted through it, showing broad support and momentum that must scare the tar out of Greg Abbott and his team of Austin insiders.

needs to run a competitive campaign in Texas, demonstrating that people recognize Hermes Belt Ebay her as a mainstream Texan who knows how to keep our state strong.


Hermes Belt Ebay

Hermes Belt Ebay

Hermes Belt Ebay

Here is how Jay Root at the Texas Tribune sorted it out in his story:

How gullible some folks are. January 15, 2014

The leading contenders for Texas governor have reported raising huge sums in the second half of last year, both topping $10 million as they head toward an expensive clash for the state's highest office.

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´╗┐and Spinning the

Stories, my own included, accepted the Davis campaign's formulation that it had raised, cumulatively, $12.2 Gucci Belt Amazon Uk

They said it couldn't be done, but we raised $12.2M, $700,000 more than their $11.5, thanks to you! January 15, 2014

Hermes Belt Ebay

Hermes Belt Ebay

Hermes Belt Ebay

And from Davis:

as much as they could possibly need to fight this one out,"

"Each one is going to have Gucci Belts All Black

Wendy Davis, the likely Democratic nominee, announced Tuesday that her campaign and a joint effort with a Democratic voter turnout group raised more than $12.2 million for the race. About $3.5 million was raised by an affiliated political committee.

Abbott's numbers really don't matter at this point. What matters is that Wendy Davis is on track to raise the nearly $40 million she Lv Belt Damier Azur

But, amid the "eye popping," the Abbott campaign and its allies suggested some eye rolling was in order and that Davis "sprint" was a consequence of her campaign juicing its numbers in an act of shameless spin.

Both had bragging rights: Abbott outraised Davis when it came to their actual campaign accounts. But Davis had more when counting the joint "Texas Victory Committee" that splits its resources between her campaign and Battleground Texas, a group working to drive up Democratic turnout and make the GOP ruled state politically competitive.

In a statement on the heels of the Davis campaign's announcement, Matt Angle, a Davis strategist, issued an exultant statement:

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Wendy Davis brings in more cash than Greg Abbott, read the headline on the Dallas Morning News story, in which Wayne Slater reported:

The Wendy Davis campaign got the headlines it wanted this morning, indicating that it had raised $12.2 million for her gubernatorial campaign the last half of 2013, a little bit more than Greg Abbott raised over that span of time.

On MSNBC's Morning Joe this morning, Politico's Mike Allen sealed the deal, proclaiming that Davis had raised "Texas sized" money and, "This is going to be an amazing race."

Hermes Belt Ebay

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