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The question of being for or against this specifically enumerated right joins many other intractable debates (capital punishment, abortion, religion, Mac vs. PC) and inflames passions. However, without overthinking anything, I support the right to bear arms for two reasons. The first is practical: the genie is already out of the lamp and you can stuff him back in. If the Second Amendment were repealed, there would be no way to collect all the guns now in private hands, and a villainous black market (worse than the one that now exists) would obviate the intent anyway. The second is that people should not be deprived of the means of self defense. This is true whether it a robber stealing your stuff, someone trying to kill you, or an overweening government using the military and police against the population.

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What is your opinion on gun ownership? should private citizens own a gun? Do you believe (responsible) private citizens should own a weapon? should law abiding citizens.

America has a horrible reputation with outsiders because of violence in the news. But that more a question of psychiatry than guns themselves. Every innocent person who gets shot means that maybe 10 or 20 family and friends are going to wish there were no such things as guns. On the other hand, there the opposite reaction of wishing they had guns to kill the criminals.

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Something should be done to reduce the number of gun related incidents.

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With the horrific random shootings in denver, do you think the us gun laws will ever be changed? Or is the right to bear arms historically too far embedded into the us constitution?

Yet also every year many people have their weapon stolen effectively arming the bad guys. Bad guys that are less reluctant to use them.

walking on his neighbor lawn so his neighbor shot him multiple times. These stories are common. People accidentally killing themselves is also common.

I do not believe in the right to bear arms. I believe in gun control. If Hermes Belt Copy a gun is stolen it should be reported. When a gun is not being used by its owned it should be locked up. Before someone uses a gun they should pass a safety course. Michael Kors Belts Women

Hermes Belt Copy

Yes it is legal to defend yourself. every year many people successfully use a weapon to prevent harm to themself or their friends or family.

Do you think we should retain the right to bear arms? Why or why don you think we should maintain our rights to bear arms? if the president.

Most crime takes place between people who know each other. This brings me back to the same point once again. We keep them in a gun safe and the ammo in a separate safe. I have never had to use my guns for protection, I have a carry permit but I don normally bring it with me as a lot of places have their own rules about carrying firearms. I have never had to protect myself but if the case were to arise that I might I could and I could carry my weapon for protection, so that is why I am for the right to bear arms.

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Hermes Belt Copy

´╗┐And if you have a gun have you ever had to use it

I believe the distance is 12 feet. That is 12 between you and an attacker to draw and fire before they can harm you. In the conceal carry course demonstration 12 feet goes away very fast.

A hodge podge of definitions would be necessary to answer your questions.

can be legislated away. Armed revolution may be a special case, but its appearance throughout history demonstrates that things do in fact get to that state.

George zimmerman was recently photographed at kel tec, (a gun manufacturing company), and allegedly expressed an interest in . Since george zimmerman was acquitted, doesn he have the right to bear arms? after the.

I fired almost every kind of gun, from a pistol to a machine gun, between my uncles who were avid hunters, and my tour in the army.

Having a gun and kowing when and when not to use it is only part of the issue. it is that natural reluctance on the part of the good guys that gives the bad guys the edge. The robbers were walking away with a TV so he shot them in the back and killed them. A child threatened his brother with a gun over chores. He had done it many times before but this time he killed his brother. He pulled the trigger on purpose but thought the gun was empty. A kid took a short cut to his house Hermes Belt Tan

While I hate any violence and feel guns are dangerous to own, lest we lose our tempers for a moment and regret something the rest of our lives, I still feel that if any of us saw someone doing great harm to ourselves and our family, we instinctively use a gun, if that were the only way to stop it.

The right to keep and bear arms is plainly stated in the Constitution and the Supreme Court has recently ruled in 2 landmark cases that it means civilian, private firearms (not exclusive only to militia members). However, the types of firearms, ammunitions, and usages may be regulated by all local jurisdictions.

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Should the right to bear arms be amended? Although i am british i do understand the right to bear arms, however with a recent student.

We hope we won be attacked, and probably most of us live in decent neighborhoods where that would be unlikely, but people in gang neighborhoods might want to keep guns. Still, what I said before about using a gun in a fit of anger and then regretting it, would apply even then.

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People will draw the line at different points. Using lethal force to stop a robbery may not be worth it, but killing in physical self defense is a reflexive act of self preservation that Louis Vuitton Belts White

Those who use guns for sport are in the minority of people I ever known, but still they are a significant section of the population. Those people generally are the most respectful of all when it comes to gun safety.

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You have asked four questions, each of which could take some time and space to answer. I limit myself to the first. Constitution as the Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Although the Second Amendment can be amended (difficult process), its inclusion in the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments) was really an afterthought, not a change.

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