Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

Rolling into Campbell River, Speed,the manager of systems development at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, father of five and grandfather of two,said he was "just frozen solid and very wet, so I took a bit of a break and actually went to McDonald's it was the only thing open and went in and had a hash brown, an egg McMuffin and a hot chocolate; warmed up for a minute, then changed my socks and was good to go after that."

Part of the challenge was slotting it in his schedule and allowing himself enough time to recover for the this Saturday's grueling 270 km Victoria Gran Fondo.

Speed's total riding time was 17 hours and 15 minutes, 19 hours overall "almost to the minute."

Last JulyThe NEWSreported how Speed started last summer by completing two races in two days totaling 410 kilometres. He was a front runner in the Victoria Gran Fondo and put in a stellar ride in Ryder Hesjedal's Tour de Victoria.

Those in the biking world, Allen confirmed, all rate the ride as "extremely impressive," and pointed to another example of "the amazing athleticism of residents within the Oceanside area."

"I definitely exceeded my estimated time I gave myself 20 hours thinking that was being reasonable and did it in 19 and definitely could have done it faster with better conditions but again, it wasn't a race, it was a bit of a marathon."

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

"The question he gets a lot, he says, is why?, and its really just to see if I can. I mean you kind of wonder what your limits are when you do this kind of thing. One day I was looking at a map and I thought the Island looks like a pretty substantial trip, so I mapped the distance and it came out to just over 500 kms and I thought that's a nice round number and just decided it was something I wanted to try."

It wasn't a race but his main goal was to finish before it Lv Belts Cheap

"just to cheer me on. I ended up stopping to chat with them for five or 10 minutes here and there so that took some time, but I mean it was so awesome they did that; it made all the difference in the world."

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

The only other Hermes Belt Grey

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

He said his original plan was to do the ride solo, but his wifeMairiput the kibosh on that.

The total distance covered was 532 kilometres, and his average speed was 31 km/h.

Remarkably, the ride was one part tune up for Speed, who is gearing up for another run at the 270 km Victoria Gran Fondo this Saturday.

He said the weather "wasn't great. Especially the first part. and by the time we got just past Port McNeil it started to drizzle and just escalated from there the entire way to Campbell River. Most of that first 10 hours was in pretty substantial rain and about six degrees. It was cold."

This year he'll be back at the 165 km Penticton Gran Fondo July 8, and he plans a mountain biking trip to the Interior with friends to tackle the steep alpine trails of the Chilcotin.

stops along the way he said were to fill up water bottles and to say a quick hello to friends and family members who, unknown to him, had taken up positions at numerous highway intersections Hermes Belt Mens Uk

"One of the criteria I had to attempt this was that I wasn't going to do it if there was a threat of rain or if it looked like I was going to have to battle a headwind and of course both those things came to fruition."

He could have called it a day, we suggested.

got dark as it would be to Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle dangerous to go down the Mallahat at night.

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

Word travels fast andThe NEWShad just got wind of one mans latest adventure, whenwe received an e mail from Parksville's Jackie Allen that set the stage nicely.

´╗┐Andrew up to speed with epic ride

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

"Yeah. no," he said. "Not really. That would have been harder (to do)."

In the end, Connor and Williamson, he pointed out "both got some good riding in as well."

Hermes Belt Black With Gold Buckle

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