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Guess Belts For Ladies

"Once I get home, if we aren't going anywhere and we're shutting it down, I take my legs off and take them over to get charged," Bozik said. "It's pretty exhausting to be on them the whole day."

´╗┐Amputee soldier set to start better life with program's aid

"Joey is such a great kid," Conklin said. "He has a drive to survive, because at any time he could have given up."

Sentinels of Freedom once again will embrace a disabled war hero and assist in helping him establish his life after battle when Sgt. Joey Bozik settles in Danville in June.

Getting groomed and ready for the day takes a long time. Naturally right handed, Joey explained that it takes him a long time to cleanse himself with just his left arm. The process begins when he wheels himself into the bathroom in a wheelchair and has to transfer himself onto Guess Belts For Ladies a rotating shower stool.

DANVILLE The scholarship program that helped two wounded soldiers from Iraq assimilate into a new life in San Ramon is looking to expand throughout the Valley and beyond.

"They are a totally awesome young couple," said Mimi Valenti of the Blue Star Moms. Hermes Belt Men New

Guess Belts For Ladies

Guess Belts For Ladies

Bozik said he then makes sure he has all his belongings together and heads out.

"He spoke to my wife and I about the opportunity that the Sentinels program was offering, about a four year scholarship," Bozik said. "Jack is someone I trust and respect, and I had heard about a lot of programs that seemed like they would fall through, but he had a lot of confidence in this program."

Once the bathroom routine is complete, Joey has to put on his prosthetic limbs and "make sure everything is working."

to walk again.

"It sounded like a good deal, but we had to fly out and check it out," Bozik said. "My wife and I had to make sure it had all the stuff we would want in place."

"We have to be aware of the little things we take for granted, and how much more difficult they would be for Joey," Conklin said, while noting that a round doorknob would be tough to handle.

"It takes a long time once I'm in there to move around in the shower and everything," Bozik said.

Guess Belts For Ladies

Guess Belts For Ladies

"He loves to be challenged," Conklin said. "There isn't much out there that he isn't willing to try, whether it's golf, skeet shooting, water biking he's a great athlete."

Guess Belts For Ladies

Guess Belts For Ladies

While recovering at Walter Reed, Bozik heard about the Sentinels of Freedom program and its interest in him from good friend Jack Farley.

Bozik's prosthetic legs are electronic which allows for him to have a more natural style of gait. Part of his recuperation involved him learning Hermes Belt Black Price

"You would never know he's been through what he experienced; they don't seem bitter and are so excited about everything."

The Sentinels team flew out to Washington, where they met with Bozik and discussed the program.

Bozik says his wife's love and devotion helped give him the strength to recover. The couple had been together for a few months before Bozik's injury brought their relationship to a crossroads. When Joey regained consciousness on Nov. 4, 2004, he gave Jayme the opportunity to walk away, but she told him that the things she loved about him his head and his heart were still intact.

Guess Belts For Ladies

Bozik, 28, lost his right arm, left leg above the knee, and right leg below the knee when the Humvee he was riding in was struck by a roadside bomb on Oct. 27, 2004. Determined to not let his injury hinder his independence, he married his sweetheart, Jayme, and continued to do the things he loves such as play golf.

we don't want to rush him."

The Blue Star Moms have been working side by side with Conklin, primarily helping to fill the empty apartment that the Boziks will call home with furniture and other special touches.

But, as Joey explained, there are some parts of the routine that cannot be helped.

Bozik flew to California in March, interviewed with Wells Fargo for a job that he received and accepted the scholarship seeing it as another challenge to take on.

They were married after Joey asked Jayme's father for permission to marry her in December.

Other modifications that should help in his routine in the apartment are a custom sink that allows him to position his chair underneath the basin, liners for the toilet seat that allow him to prop himself up, and plenty of room to maneuver.

"He's going to take his time," Conklin said. "Life will be very hectic for him once he arrives, so Hermes Belt Silver

In the weeks leading up to Bozik's arrival, the Blue Star Moms and Conklin will continue to furnish the apartment as well as they can while looking to make changes to help Joey in any way possible to them.

Guess Belts For Ladies

Guess Belts For Ladies

But before the Sentinels of Freedom scholarship program looks to work on a much wider scale, founder Mike Conklin has been quite busy rolling out the red carpet for another wounded soldier.

Guess Belts For Ladies

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