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Fahey said he couldn't divulge the purchase price of the Anderson House "for a variety of reasons" but offered that his school did not buy the building for the original asking price of about $2 million. Sale information was not available from the Registry of Deeds on Thursday due to the snowstorm.

When the school finally relocates, Fahey said the Nashua location may be the site of a graduate program.

Until then, according to Fahey, the school plans to use the Anderson House as a small residence hall to accommodate between 20 and 30 students. The distance from the property to the college is only about 2.5 miles.

be used for administrative purposes.

´╗┐Anderson House to become dorms for Thomas More College for the Arts

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Ward 3 Alderman David Schoneman said he is excited to see the higher learning institution move to his ward and has high hopes for the college's place in Nashua.

NASHUA One of the city's most prominent landmarks is in new hands after the Thomas More College in Merrimack purchased the Frank E. Anderson House on Gucci Belt Men Price

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Schoneman said he preferred to see a college move into the Anderson House, rather than other commercial endeavours like hotels.

Concord Street.

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"The college has more than doubled its enrollment since spring of 2009," Fahey said. "We have a very loyal national donor base. Our ability to purchase this property entirely through our donors' zeal is another sign of growing strength."

Fahey said the college intends to hang onto the 90 Concord Street Dunhill Belts

"Thomas More is a small college and we live and operate within hard economic realities," Fahey said. "No one should think that this purchase means Thomas More is a 'wealthy' college."

"They appear to be very well received by the neighbors," Schoneman said. "I think they'll fit in well."

property well into the future, despite the institution's plans to relocate to Groton, Mass. in coming years.

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The Anderson House, Gucci Belts Gray built in 1908, was the site for Mount Saint Mary Seminary. The building had been on the market for over a year until its purchase by Thomas More College fore the Arts.

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"As with the Merrimack campus, the new property will we hope remain part of a College which will straddle both sides of the border," Fahey said.

Before the building becomes a dormitory, Fahey said it will likely Gucci Belt Black Men

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"I think it's a great idea," Schoneman said. "I'm glad to have them in there and I'm glad it's a small school."

"I hope that we will be very good neighbors," said Dr. William Fahey, the school's president. "Thomas More College values history and beauty. The old Anderson house is a gem, and north Nashua is treasure in itself."

In 2009, Thomas More College of the Arts was placed on probation by its accrediting agency for failing to meet financial standards. Fahey said the purchase shows an improved situation for the school but they are still operating cautiously.

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