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"Intellectual property is a critical asset for Intel," company spokeswoman Claudine Mangano told The Boston Globe.

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Pani told his bosses that he was going to work for a hedge fund but in fact started work at rival AMD on 2 June and used his Intel laptop to access the company's servers and download commercially sensitive data.

there is no evidence that the company saw the secret documents or asked Pani to steal them, according to his attorney R. Bradford Bailey.

An Intel employee found out about Pani's new job and informed management, who called in the FBI.

Nothing to do with AMD/Intel. Just the OPs stupidity.

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"We basically asked the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate the activities, and we are cooperating with that investigation."

But I do find it ironic that an Intel engineer would quit, and start working for AMD. And the cubicles are much bigger than a toilet stall (unless you are talking about the handicap stalls, then they might be close to the same size).

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In an affidavit by FBI Special Agent Timothy Russell of the bureau's Boston computer crime squad, it is stated that Pani told officials at Intel in May he was resigning to work for a hedge fund and would utilize accrued vacation time until his final official day June 11. However, allegedly, Pani began working for AMD June 2 and soon after accessed and downloaded 13 secret documents from an encrypted system at Intel.

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Happens all the time in almost every industry. Crossing over to a competitor is usually financially motivated. For engineers at least switching companies usually results in about a 20% bump in pay rate.

being held in custody but has been ordered to surrender his passport. He is no longer working for AMD, and Gucci Belt Sale Uk

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Never saw that in the other news sites, as far as when he started working for AMD, and what his last day was at Intel.

"My client vigorously maintains his innocence and plans to fight these charges in court," said Bailey.

The FBI has formally charged former Intel employee Biswahoman Pani with the theft of corporate secrets, including future processor designs and detailed schematics.

´╗┐AMD worker Former Intel worker charged with Intel theft

The FBI is taking an increasingly tough line against staff stealing data from former employers, in the face of evidence suggesting that many employees are prepared to commit the crime.

The affidavit states that Pani told his bosses at Intel that he was resigning and gave his leaving date as 11 June. He then used unused holiday to Gucci Belt White Gold

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This is exactally what I was talking about.

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Special agent Timothy Russell of the FBI's Boston computer crime squad said that a search of Pani's house in July unearthed more than 100 sensitive Intel documents and 19 computer aided design files.

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But I do find it ironic that an Intel engineer would quit, and start working for AMD. Or does that happen often? I wonder if any former AMD employees Gucci Belts For Ladies started working for Intel?

At my own employer for many years it was common for engineers to get hired fresh out of college, work here for 5 years or so until they were experienced, and then bolt for our competitor that had an engineering office a few towns away. The unfortunate truth is that if they had stayed with the same company they would likely only be getting a small raise of maybe 3 5% per year while they could get a much larger increase by leaving.

sit out his notice period.

A common tactic in the engineering world now is for companies to open new engineering offices located in very close proximity to the engineering offices of their competitors with the sole intention of luring away engineers from the competition.

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