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"The guys in the other cars said they didn't see it," Terry Carson said Sunday night, referring to the truck, the "tractor" section of a tractor trailer unit that didn't appear to be hauling a trailer.

AMHERST If Rob Carson wasn't gripping a baseball bat, it's because his hands were occupied by his fishing pole.

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Gucci Belt Women

and Bernasconi also worked together, in the foundry at Hitchner Manufacturing.

"We don't know what happened."

Gucci Belt Women

It was still dark as he and Keith Bernasconi, Carson's co worker and longtime friend, set out toward Hampton for what they hoped would be another bountiful day of fishing.

On Sunday afternoon, two white crosses marked the spot where Carson and Bernasconi lost their lives, a grassy hillside a quarter mile east of Salzburg Square. Several mourners had placed floral bouquets at the base of the crosses.

baseball since the day he could carry a bat. "Right from Little League on up," his father said. "He loved the Red Sox, was a big fan."

´╗┐Amherst crash victims

Carson's parents said their son played Ferragamo Belts Cheap

shock and disbelief registering on the faces of companions traveling in separate vehicles.

Rob Carson was just a teenager when his little sister, Rose Ellen Carson, died after a two year battle with cancer.

The obituaries appear on Page Gucci Belt Women 5.

The 37 year old Wilton man who cherished family, especially his son and two daughters, and doted tirelessly over his tiny grandson Yentene, woke Saturday morning before dawn, dressed hurriedly and collected his fishing gear.

In 2006, some 14 years after her death, Rob Carson discovered a way to memorialize his sister online.

The truck driver's identity remained unknown Sunday night. Amherst police said Saturday that they asked state police to assist in the investigation. Route 101 was closed for a time Saturday as the State Police Technical Accident Reconstruction Team conducted its investigation.

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Besides sharing a love of fishing, Carson Gucci Belt White Gold

Gucci Belt Women

Police arrived at Terry and Rob Carson Sr.'s door to break the horrible news: Their son, and his friend, had died after sustaining massive injuries in an accident in Amherst.

Gucci Belt Women

Gucci Belt Women

Then, tragedy. The unseen truck, the explosion of metal and glass, the Gucci Belt On Ebay

The impact demolished the full size sedan. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene, police said in a statement. They didn't release any names, but The Telegraph received obituaries for Carson and Bernasconi on Sunday afternoon.

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