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You never hear of events like these in town, she said. We want to do this more often so kids can become more exposed to things of this nature.

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Theyre young, but its always good to start them at a young age, she said. Were even thinking about investing in a good tele scope.

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I think this is so cool, Miranda said. I want to go to space one day and look at stars up close.

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The co founder of STARS, Carol Lutsinger, gave a presentation about Stardust, a mission funded by NASA that brought back thousands of dust grains collected from a comet.

Amanda Sanchez, director of the childrens museum, agrees.

Children and parents had the opportunity sit inside of a planetarium, participate in arts and crafts, look through telescopes and see pictures taken from space of stars and planets.

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She plans bring the event to the museum once a year.

Further research helped develop her seventh grade science project about astrophysics.

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Like many of the children in attendance, Sparks love of astronomy developed at an early age.

Miranda and her sister Maya, 5, were among hundreds of children and adults attending the Amazing Skies Space Science Confer ence held at the Brownsville Childrens Museum.

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´╗┐Amazing Skies brings science to children

Sparks is a member of the South Texas Astronomical Society (STARS) and plans to major in astrophysics at the University of Pennsylvania starting this fall.

Alex Garcia, Amazing Skies project coordinator in San Antonio for the last four years, and Tim Smith, KRGV 5 weatherman, helped bring the event to Brownsville.

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It grew because of the need for science education at the family Louis Vuitton Belt Price For Men

The Benavidez Elementary School teacher and Brownsville native has been emphasizing the importance of astronomy and sci ence to students around the United States for 15 years.

I think you can teach all of the TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) across the curriculum through science, especially astronomy, she said. I just think we need to bring more awareness of science and astronomy to Brownsville.

NASA scientists, University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College Gucci Belt For Men Brown

books by Stephen Hawking, she said. Thats when my parents were like OK, she really loves this stuff.

I was a seventh grader who read Gucci Belt On Men

The Gucci Belt Tiger girls mother, Margie Perez, said she brought them to the conference so they could be exposed to something different.

Kaegan Sparks, 18, is a recent graduate of McAllen High School and uses dark purple bags and weights to illustrate the creation of a black hole.

My biggest challenge as a presenter is bringing it down to a level where children can understand and be interested, she said.

astronomy professors and amateur astono mists at the event spoke about black holes, Albert Einsteins theories, telescopes, stars and other astronomy related topics.

level, Garcia said. Hands on activities and displays bring as tronomy to life.

Gucci Belt Tiger

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