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And while the program was small this year, intensive needs teacher Tammie Payette said she hopes to see it grow, involving more special education children and typical students from all grade levels.

´╗┐Amherst Street program brings special

"I saw that people communicate and learn differently," Ayva said. "We never really get to learn about those students. You really only see them with their paraeducators. But I learned about Syanah. She loves the color orange. She is crazy about it."

with artwork depicting various shapes, colors and textures.

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In one area of the room, Malani was working with second grader Alani Ashwell to select shapes on a Hermes Belt Brown And Gold

Next year, she hopes to include more grade levels, bringing in students throughout the year to work with intensive needs children on a variety of activities.

And while the exercise may have started as a writing lesson, it ended up being so much more, Payette said.

The students were so taken with the book, Ullrich said, she decided to have Payette come and talk to them about the technology and other communication devices students in Amherst Street's intensive needs classrooms use to communicate.

Kendall said she's grown Ferragamo Belts For Men

"For the students in my class, so much of the assistance they need is with adults," she said. "But for the most part, those adults remain here as the students transition on to middle and high school. My hope is that these relationships with their peers will continue on through school."

It was an evening that helped to solidify the bonds the students formed over a period of weeks, Ullrich said.

While the typical students came in with some idea of all the things the intensive needs students can't do, she believes they've left with a better understanding of what they can do.

Ayva is one of several fourth graders involved in a first time program at Amherst Street this year, which paired up typical students and those with severe disabilities for academic work, art projects and music classes.

"We saw that every student has different disabilities, some of them can't walk or talk," Kristoffer said. "But we can help them, and they can communicate with the computer, or with a machine that tracks their eyes."

The special education students were making books of their own, filled Belt Hermes Price

After that meeting, she said, it was clear the students wanted to know more.

"The fourth grade students, when they're with their partners, they always want to help. They are always smiling," she said. "I think that speaks volumes about the program."

computer screen, printing them out and painting them together.

So she and Payette came up with a plan to pair up students in a way that would benefit all of them, while also continuing the literacy work started in the reading group.

close to her student partner, and that she hopes they can remain friends in the future.

After a few weeks, they wrote and designed books about the special education students, Gucci Belt Square Buckle learning as much about them as possible, and communicating with the students with the help of paraeducators and various devices.

Payette told her about the Best Buddies program, an international organization that pairs up individuals with and without disabilities in middle and high schools around the country, and Kendall said she'd like to be involved in the program some day.

Earlier this school year, the group read the book "Rules," a fictional story about a teenage girl who befriends a teenage boy with autism, communicating with the nonverbal boy through drawings.

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Best Buddies programs are not offered at the elementary school level, but Payette said she's hopeful the Amherst Street program can grow in the years to come, offering the same kind of opportunities for students.

The program is an extension of a fourth grade reading enrichment group led by school librarian Liz Ullrich.

After all, she'd never written a book before, and wasn't exactly sure how it worked. An even bigger challenge, however: Josecite, an intensive needs student at the school, doesn't speak, using small objects representing words and activities to communicate instead.

Ayva was working with Josecite, helping her draw a circle and then paint the page around it orange.

In April, when the books were complete, the school held a reception for the families of all students involved, presenting the parents of the special education students with the books written about their children.

NASHUA When Ayva Petrocelli set out to write a biography about her fellow Amherst Street Elementary School student Syanah Josecite, she knew it wasn't going to be easy.

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Interested students were asked to meet with their partner at least one a week, going into the intensive needs classroom for various lessons and activities, and accompanying their partner to music and art classes, and even recess.

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It's the kind of work the students have been doing for weeks now, and Payette said she's seen a change in all of the students involved.

On Tuesday, a group of four fourth graders Ayva, Malani Langa, Kendall Marandos and Kristoffer Dolotina were in the school's art classroom, working on art projects with a group of intensive needs students.

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Gucci Belt Square Buckle

Gucci Belt Square Buckle

In another area, fourth graders were helping special education students make sponge paintings, dipping small sponges in paint and dabbing them onto paper.

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