Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

mean looking over the fence at her neighbour's back yard.

to the rafters with wine crates and tin cans filled with vegetables and salad leaves.

She points out her best finds from such expeditions on her patio. A CD rack, which is now a pretty window box, a tin bath, which is currently home to some salad leaves, a large sunflower oil tin and an array of buckets, which double up as plant pots.

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

She has certainly made use of the space, which is packed Gucci Belt Blue And Red

30 year old has no desire to leave this little oasis at the back of her Victorian terrace in Kings Heath for a life in the country, but instead wants to make use of her immediate surroundings, even if it does Louis Vuitton Belt Images

"Food is definitely on my agenda, I keep saying 'vegetables are just as beautiful as flowers'."

"I have been eyeing up my neighbours' gardens and I wonder if we can come to some kind of an agreement," she explains as we step out onto her raised patio and admire a view that stretches to Kings Heath Park and Highbury Park.

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

She has a vision of creating wonderful community gardens across Birmingham, where people share responsibility for their little slices of green in amongst the tall grey buildings of the city.

"There are also schemes where people, living in a similar way as we do here, take 5ft of their back gardens and make them into one big patch. Each of them spends an hour a week gardening and they have enough veg for everyone."

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

Alys has always had a passion for the outdoors. As a child she would colour in the farmyard scenes in her mother's copy of John Seymour's Guide to Self Sufficiency.

She has just published The Thrifty Gardener, in which offers plenty of tips on how gardening on the cheap.

From building a compost bin out of scrap wood to harvesting your own seed, Alys believes everyone can have a go without spending vast amounts of money.

Other unusual recycled pieces now decorating their home include a three legged milking stool, which makes a pretty piece next to the fireplace, and a stuffed cockerel (a purchase from eBay), which sits on a shelf above. A tailor's dummy, complete with fencing mask and straw hat, make for an interesting feature in the dining room.

"I go out to Berryfields every day before coming back to my nice urban garden. I would like a bit more space but I don't want to leave the city; I like being able to go to the cinema on my bike and go shopping without a car."

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

"We got the masks from Freecycle," she says enthusiastically, pointing to the second mask hanging on the kitchen door.

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

"I believe that if you just start out with one pot on the doorstep, then it counts. If you grow your own chilli rather than buy it where it would have been flown in or if you use fresh mint for tea and spend just a couple of months not buying tea then these are significant little gestures.

"In America they have these small plot initiatives where people who are not growing anything in theirs give them up to someone else in return for 50 per cent of the produce grown. It is a really cool idea," she says.

"It is definitely a messy style of gardening, I am certainly not a neat freak. I have got other things to do and I don't want to be a slave to it," she says.

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

Alys hopes more Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens people will begin to grow their own produce and that Britain becomes less reliant on imported produce in the future.

From here, steep steps lead down to the rest of her garden where cosmos, sedum, geranium, salvia and penstemon vie for attention along with two apple trees. A home made wooden compost bin is hidden at the back of the patch, next to some climbing French beans.

Her salvaging skills don't stop at the garden. She has also used them to help her and her husband kit out their home. A beautiful Victorian fireplace dominates the front room, a piece Alys discovered dumped outside a house in Kings Heath.

As well as utilising every strip of land available, Alys has also learned the art of scrap craft, where you turn unused or recycled objects into something useful.

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

"Some schoolchildren asked me what I was doing and I said 'just give me a push'. I couldn't steer left or right so I just kept on going."

Old wine crates and Champagne boxes sourced from wine merchants make wonderful containers, and a neat row of crates line her raised patio.

It is a pretty, yet rambling affair, so different from the smart TV gardens of Berryfields, where it would be difficult to spot a weed in the neat rows of vegetables and flowers.

´╗┐Alys Fowler digs the Birmingham garden scene

For someone who spends her days as head gardener at Berryfields, the generous two acre BBC Gardeners' World garden, it is a surprise to find that Alys Fowler's own plot is rather modest in size.

The use of Freecycle, a network of local people swapping and giving away items for free, is just one of the ways Alys manages to garden for next to nothing.

She is partial to a bit of skip diving, where she delves into the pile of rubbish for bits of wood, old drawers and tin cans, all of which can be used to make plant containers and compost bins.

When Alys isn't pruning and perfecting Berryfields for the TV cameras she is at home plotting how to utilise other people's gardens, or indeed any slab of disused ground she can get her hands on.

Gucci Belt Replica Uk Womens

After asking permission to take it, Alys, who doesn't own a car, lugged the item to her home on her bike.

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