Gucci Belt Pics

Gucci Belt Pics

Gucci Belt Pics

"They are difficult to defend," Exeter coach Bill Ball said. "They spread you out, go with the Gucci Belt Pics no huddle, and the Knight kid not only is a big weapon, but he does a great job of running that offense."

Gucci Belt Pics

A close relationship with the head coach helps, but Scott Knight spends most of his time with the offensive line while assistants Nick Audley and Bill Monson are Knight's position coaches on the offensive side.

By the age of 4, Trevor Knight was hooked on football, watched college and NFL games on television and could explain the play action pass. He began playing for real at 7, as a member of the Amherst Patriots, and a year later moved from running back to quarterback.

Gucci Belt Pics

Knight spends a lot of time critiquing his own performance by watching his games on video.

His main role last year was to put Michael Kors Belt

And he's thriving on the football field. A starter at quarterback since the opening game of his sophomore year, Knight is mastering the spread offense and gets more freedom every day.

He doesn't remember that first game, but by the age of 3 he was suited up on the sidelines and racing out on the field to retrieve the kicking tee after a kickoff.

´╗┐Amherst native Trevor Knight was born Hermes Belts Red

"I love watching film," Trevor Knight said. "Our upcoming opponents and games we're already played.

the ball in the hands of playmakers like Armond McRae and Derek Paradis. Knight is three inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than he was a year ago, measuring in at 6 feet and 175 pounds.

Knight was hooked so early certain memories are pressed in his mind, like walking around a Home Depot as a pre schooler sporting a Drew Bledsoe shirt and a small plastic helmet.

Gucci Belt Pics

He was less than a year old when he attended his first Nashua High School football game, and he hasn't missed many since.

"I want to go somewhere where I can run the ball," Knight said. "I love to watch offenses like Oregon's because of how fast they play. The faster you go, the more teams are on their heels."

"I learn a lot from the mistakes I've made and how to do things better."

"I always wanted to be a Purple Panther," the younger Knight said. "I came to all the games and was always around the program."

to run this Panthers' offense

For Trevor Knight, South has been a good fit. The high school junior made new friends from widely diverse backgrounds. He likes the longer classes in block scheduling, different from what his sister experienced at Souhegan High School.

Gucci Belt Pics

"He'd love to play Division I football and I just tell him, 'we'll see where it goes.' " Scott Knight said. "He knows there are a lot of factors, like how big he gets and how fast he gets, academics.

In last Friday night's 35 21 loss at Exeter, Knight had a very good defense on its heels, rushing for 147 yards and passing for 205.

Gucci Belt Pics

Gucci Belt Pics

A week earlier, his 71 yard scramble with 12 seconds left beat Manchester Central, 35 28. It was Knight's third rushing touchdown of the game.

Although he grew up in Amherst and still has close friends in town, there was never any real question where he'd attend high school. His father Scott Knight was the head football coach at Nashua High School South Gucci Belt Purple

Gucci Belt Pics

A provision in the school rules allows the children of a Nashua teacher to attend school in that district if they pay tuition, even if they live in a different town.

Gucci Belt Pics

and had grown up in the program, as a player and assistant coach, taking over head coaching duties 10 years ago.

Gucci Belt Pics

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