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Julia Stone, of The Green, pays a year for a parking permit but often cannot find a space.

Mark Edwards, owner of restaurant Food For Thought in The Green is concerned the high charges Louis Vuitton Belt Men

"It can be tricky if you're meeting a number of people for lunch as you don't want to feel rushed Gucci Belt On Men but the pressure of avoiding a fine is always there."

Gucci Belt On Men

With parking at a premium, residents feel Gucci Belt Replica Wholesale

Gucci Belt On Men

Gucci Belt On Men

The town accounts for 24 per cent of the total fines given across the Sevenoaks district, or out of a total

we can't park anywhere else in Westerham without paying again," she said. "We pay every year for this permit and there are a lot of occasions where we will have to sit in the car and wait for someone to leave.

"If we try to park elsewhere we will be ticketed."

Gucci Belt On Men

Gucci Belt On Men

"The rules of the permit only allow us to park on The Green so Belt Armani

Sevenoaks District Council is not doing enough to address their frustrations.

Ron Kercher, owner of Quadri coffee shop on Market Square, said: "Parking definitely is an issue here, every retailer we talk to says it's their number one issue.

"Just a few miles down the road, Oxted has free parking," he said.

Sevenoaks District Council spokesman Daniel Whitmarsh said the money raised through fines goes towards the needed to fund the on street parking service.

"I feel sorry for the people trying to run a business here as all of the restrictions make it difficult," he said.

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"It affects my business because our customers say that the two hour limit doesn't give them enough time to shop in the town and have lunch."

Three out of the top five roads in the Sevenoaks district for penalty charge notices lie within Westerham town centre, with Market Square, The Green and Croydon Road netting more than this year in fines alone.

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"People go there instead of to Westerham, it's easy to see why and for them it makes absolute sense."

Westerham's unrestricted Darenth car park has been criticised because the path up to the town from there is steep in places, making it difficult to use in bad weather or for the elderly and disabled to negotiate generally.

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and restrictions could drive business to other areas.

´╗┐And retailers fear parking fines are driving custom away

Stephen Murray, of Biggin Hill, regularly visits Westerham and agrees with Mr Kercher that the time restrictions are too short.

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