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To conclude, in the tradition of shocking punmanship: So nar, ga'n try it.

We knew something was different when the poppadoms arrived. Of course Indian restaurant by law dictates Louis Vuitton Ladies Belt Uk

There's the onion one. The day glo yoghurt one. The mango chutney one. And the limey/spicey/peas one, which to my knowledge has never been eaten by anyone in history.

Gucci Belt Navy

Except this time there was an interloper, as the limey one was replaced by a sweet red creation which we just adored.

Gucci Belt Navy

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So Sonargaon was my reserve, but sometimes the first choice turns out to be Andy Carroll (not that anyone would particularly want to cook him, far too much oil) and the stand in proves to be Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Gucci Belt Navy

Gucci Belt Navy

I could not avoid the conversation and found I was next to a Manchester United fan, the proximity such that it was like having Gary Neville sitting on my lap. And that is a thought gruesome enough to bring my dinner up.

Throughout our Gucci Belt Navy meal we had been well looked after, and I overheard other diners that confirmed my suspicions that this little eatery was a jewel in the raj's crown.

garlic massala to the chicken acharia to the fearsome lamb kursi for four people, a whole leg of lamb cooked in herbs and spices which takes 24 hours to prepare.

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Gucci Belt Navy

That restaurant proved busier than Alan Davies' Twitter feed but we were in the town now, and I was determined to find some food of note to demolish.

shared house rice and keema naan meant the portion was just right, notwithstanding the fact that I wasn't drinking beer so I didn't feel like a swollen ham, as is the norm on curry night.

Gucci Belt Navy

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that you have to say yes to poppadoms and the four saucemen of the apocalypse which accompany.

The tender meat was surrounded by a cream, like a meaty island in a sea of dairy the a dairy atic sea, if you will. If the first taste is with the eyes, Emma's retinas were all over that bad boy.

Gucci Belt Navy

Offers include Sunday buffet (eat as much as you like for 8.95), Thursday Banquet Night (10.95) and 6.50 lunchtime special.

I went for the Bengal King Prawn, each little shelled creature bathed in a medium sauce and just begging to be scoffed.

My main complaint of the night was the space, or lack thereof. We were sitting at what was notionally a table on our own but were too close to the table next door,

Gucci Belt Navy

´╗┐An unexpected but tasty Tandoori treat

Gucci Belt Navy

9 out of 10

Gucci Belt Navy

The menu also had other little treats, from the chicken Gucci Belt Green

I don't really know if anything can be done barring knocking a wall away, but it did feel a little strange.

SONARGAON was not my first choice. My wife and I went to Whittlesey to try out another recommended eatery,

The bhajis and lamb tikka starters were good, but the main events were great. They even looked different to normal curries, especially Emma's Palok Chicken Tikka Masala.

The functional dessert over with you can probably guess, it's the same as just about any other Indian restaurant and we were both very content.

I had to ask which treats had combined for this little treasure and was given a list, including sugar, red and white onions and other household foodstuffs. Very welcome.

Gucci Belt Navy

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