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Gucci Belt Men Price

Gucci Belt Men Price

´╗┐Always there Severus Snape's Daughter

Thetrain slowed to a stop and we got off. Then we walked over to a large man i recognized as Hagrid. "Have umet the teachers before?" Ron asked. "No only some, I know that large man is Hagrid, very nice guy. I know Proffessor McGonagall, sheis my godmother. Also i know the other headsof houses and of course Proffessor Dumbledore."

"Cool. I'vemet Hagrid already as well."Harry replied.

"My dad is good and he came out of there. They really are just houses right?Why do u people get so upset about them?" I wondered.

Gucci Belt Men Price

We all replied no and wished them luck. "What's wrong with slytherin?" Harry asked seeming curious. "Not many good wizardsor witches come Gucci Belt Men Price out of there."

Like he was rethinking everything. He left and i slowly got up and washed in the bathroom. I dressed and headed down to the kitchen for the breakfeast. The aroma of burnt toast made me gag. I sat down at the table coughing as my dad set a plate in front of me.

Gucci Belt Men Price

forget it. He looked even paler than usual. "Just don't worry about that."

Gucci Belt Men Price

Gucci Belt Men Price

"Glora people may treat u different because i teach there. They might take advantage of you, spread lies, hurt you, and other things. Remember u are better than that. I won't give u any special attention because i am ur father. U will address me as Professor Snape or sir during class."

Gucci Belt Men Price

We walked onto the boats waving to Hagrid and offwe set towards Hogwarts. Once we got there Proffessor McGonagall (i called her Aunt Min) led us in and gaveus a lecture about houses before the sorting actually began. When we walked Hermione told me that Hermes Belt Brown

As i curled up in my bed i gazed out the window at the stars above. A sigh escaped my lips. My stomach was doing flips. Tomorrow was my first day at Hogwarts and to match that, my dad taught there. Now normally that wouldn't be that bad. I know my dad's reputation there with the students and that is what worried me. He was the least favorite teacher of all the students except Slytherin. That was because he is the head of slytherin house. I was worried people would judge me because of that. I may look a lot like him, but all in all I'm not like him at all. I turned over on my side and and completely relaxed as darkness swallowed me whole.

the ceilings wasbewitched to looklike the sky. When the sorting began i didn't paymuch attention,i only watched Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Than i heard my name,"Glora Snape!" All eyes turned on me.

Gucci Belt Men Price

Gucci Belt Men Price

I nodded than went upstairs grabbed my stuff and came downstairs. My dad and i went into the fireplace side by side and dad did the magic and the next thing i knew i was at platform 9 3/4. I braced myself thinking, so this is it.

Dad grabbed my shoulders and steered me to the train gave my luggage to the guy on the train, gave me a weak smile, and walked away to join the other professors. "I love u too." I said, why doesn't he ever say that? I jumped on and found a compartment. There were two boys in there. "May i sit with u." I asked. "Yea!" Replied the boy with black messy hair, glasses, and an odd shaped scar. He introduced himself as Harry Potter. The other had red hair, freckles, and a hammy down outfit. His name was Ron Weasly. "Hi I'm Glora Snape. My dad teaches at Hogwarts. He is head of Slytherin." Harry nodded, Ron choked on his spit. "SLYTHERIN!!!" He cried. "I thought u seemed decent." I laughed expecting these replies. "Yes I know, but i think i'll be different. I'm not a lot like him personality wise. Though i do love potions." Harry looked confused and Ron seemed horrfied when a girl with brown bushy hair came in. "Hello I'm Hermione. Terribly sorry to interupt but a boy has lost his toad, have u seen it?"

"Yes sir!" I said trying to get use to the feel on my lips.

"Glora wake up. It's time to get ready." My dad was above me, he had an unusual look on his face. Hugo Boss Belt Buckle

"Well, i guess it's famiy reaons." Ron suggested.

"Also about the sorting, a house is a house, if u don't make it into mine." He paused as if to say Hermes Belts Women

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